April 9th. Time to go home but not until 7 pm when my plane was suppose to leave. So I had a couple of hours to roam around one last time. This time I went with a targeted approach. Really targeted. I decided to spend the Sunday in Shoreditch. The night before I found out that there will be a big vintage fair on Brick Lane. This one: Uha! If there's something that excites me the most, these are vintage shops, second hand shops, basically everything old with a story from a different era. So I had a clear destination.

Stop #1 - I can't start shopping without a good coffee. I was set to have my coffee in Shoreditch directly but, as I was heading towards Gloucester Road I found a little cute spot and could not resist. This place was owned by an Italian as well and there was an Italian couple inside having a cappuccino and colazione. I sat in one of the corners and had one cappuccino.

Little brave Fiat 500 seen on Gloucester street
The little Italian bar. Forgot the name.

Here I have to pause and let you know on my small illegal habit. I steal spoons from coffee shops or restaurants know...everywhere. I have a small collection at home. I was about to steal this spoon as well. It was the pretties little thing I ever saw and I could already imagine it in my collection. I didn't because the owner was such a nice and cute little rabbit jumping up and down to make us feel comfortable so I couldn't do that to him. There is no such think as a thief with a moral compass. That's why I will never be a good thief (unless I drink something but that's a different story)

Stop #2 - Hopped on the Piccadilly line from Gloucester Road Station. Changed lines at King's Cross St. Pancras Underground Station where I took the Northern Line for the Old Street station. First stop - had a second cup of coffee at the hipster place called the Attendant. Loved to spend a couple of minutes here, by the window, enjoying an incredibly sunny day, watching people pass by, enjoying their outfits and writing in my little journal.

The Attendant on the Great Easter St.

Stop #3 - fully pumped on caffeine, I continued my journey on Great Eastern St towards Brick Lane for the vintage fair: The streets were packed with people. Apparently I landed in a Sunday market which was taking over the entire neighbourhood. From organic veggies, fruits to all sorts of dishes: Indian, Mexican, Italian, Spanish. These people are so lucky to have such a rich mix of cultures and cuisines coming together. There was even a concert happening in a van. How cool is that?

I started walking around but I knew I had to keep a cool head and reach the vintage market, my initial destination. I made it there and it felt just like I was in heaven. I have no idea how many hours I spent in there, trying out all sorts of stuff. I finally got out with: a bag (£10), a pair of sunglasses (£8), an old glasses case (£2), a shirt (£20) and that's about it.

The prey from the vintage fair

Stop #4 - this stop was actually not a stop but a walk...everywhere I could land my eyes on. I was like a little worm in the maze, trying to "eat" as many street art murals as possible.

Just wandering around

Closed the journey at about 2 pm when I decided to go back to the hostel, pick my suitcase and start the journey to the airport. I love airports. I would spend days in one and not get bored. I especially love the newspaper and magazine stands in the airport. I always buy like crazy stuff I can't find back home: Monocle, Wired, 1847, The Economist, The New Yorker, Fast Company.

That was it! End of the road. 2 full working days and almost 2 full days of seeing, feeling and tasting London. I still have some £ on my Oyster, sign I will come back :)

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