flamethrower By Sam Seckman

What is it?a device that expels from a nozzle a burning stream of liquid or semi liquid fuel under pressure.How did it develop or who used it? It was brought by the German army in world war 1 in 1914 and 1915. and which was later adopted by both the french and the British army.

What was its purpose? destroying Warsaw during the planned destruction of the city.what does it say about world war 1? They didn't have a weapon that could do this much damage. Propose of the flame thrower? Flamethrowers. The flamethrower, which brought terror to French and British soldiers when used by the German army in the early phases of the First World War in 1914 and 1915 (and which was quickly adopted by both) was by no means a particularly innovative weapon.

How did it influence/effect the people of WWI society/culture/government/etc? it effected many people cause of corse you don't wanna be by it but if you are you don't know if you will get burned or even killed.how was this weapon changed from ww1 to ww2? They improved it in weight cause now its less weigh twho invented the flame thrower? It was developed by Richard Fiedler.

The British, intrigued by the possibilities offered by flamethrowers, experimented with their own models. In readiness for the Somme offensive they constructed four sizable models weighing two tons each built directly into a forward trench constructed in No Man's Land a mere 60 yards from the German line.


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