Pioneering sustainable rice in Viet Nam

Originally established in 1993 as the An Giang Plant Protection Services Company (AGPPS) and renamed in 2015, the Loc Troi Group (LTG) has always been a pioneer in developing a more robust and sustainable rice sector in Vietnam.

The company’s focus on promoting and sharing its knowledge and expertise received a boost just over four years ago when LTG became an official member of the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP). LTG collaborated with IRRI and IFC to implement the SRP Standard among its farmers, whose numbers have since grown to over 4,000 producers across the rice bowl of Vietnam.

Building on the success and popularity of this effort, LTG developed its “SRP 100 Model”, aiming to address critical compliance issues to enable its farmers to further increase their scores against the SRP Standard. Guided by a top team of agronomists, LTG appointed Control Union to validate the model before further expanding to a wider group of farmers across the Mekong Delta.

Control Union assessed a representative sample of 4 of 13 lead producers located in An Giang and Dhong Thap areas, covering around 100 hectares of rice farms across the Mekong Delta. The assessment covered the Standard’s 41 requirements and Internal Management System (IMS). Based on the outcome of this assessment of farmer compliance and IMS performance, LTG has decided to proceed to replicate this model on a wider scale, and further support adoption of the SRP Standard in Vietnam.

LTG’s remarkable achievement demonstrates what is possible with commitment, perseverance and hard work, adding to the momentum building in Vietnam to commit to, and invest in sustainability, offering producers better livelihoods and consumers better quality of rice, while protecting the environment.

Contact: Tran Nguyen Ha Trang | trang.nh.tran@loctroi.vn