The Florida Museum of Natural History by ben bates

Nature on Display

This picture of me attempting to be a butterfly was taken at the butterfly exhibit. I thought this part of the museum was particularly eye-opening because I did not previously know the extent of the complexity of butterfly wings. This exhibit shows a variety of different sizes and colors of butterflies, which when put all together, it becomes quite a beautiful exhibit. Thus, this type of medium helped me understand much more about the appearance of these butterflies as opposed to another type of medium.

Nature and Ethics

The museum absolutely enabled me to experience and feel closer to nature as Leopold recommends. This photo of me was taken in the model sustainable home in the museum. As I walked through the museum I thought about my past experiences being lost in nature and how this museum was doing an incredible job at replicating that experience. Between real butterflies and exhibits I would expect to find in the Natural History Museum in New York City, I was amazed by some of the exhibits and their symbolism of the beauty of nature. This sustainable home speaks quite a lot about ethics and nature, as all of the devices are made to reduce energy and waste. This made me think quite a bit about the current state of how I live, as well as others and it made me realize how unsustainable we all are. We use an incredible amount of water, electricity and fossil fuels, all of which must be preserved rather than quickly dried up.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This was one of the most interesting exhibits at the museum, as it depicts a hut built by humans in the middle of a forest. Obviously this speaks to human's role in nature and our past interactions with it. This hut allows me to view nature and humans as two living organisms. These organisms are supposed to feed on eachother and support eachother. This type of relationship however, has been dismantled due to humans harnessing our technology to exploit nature. This exhibit allows me to think about what our relationship with nature used to be like, and how we can find a way to return to this more symbiotic relationship, rather than slowly draining our planet of its resources. This exhibit and the museum itself also remind me of the complexity of nature and the continuous lack of knowledge that we have regarding our role in this whole world.

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