The Association for the Protection of the Environment (A.P.E.)

The Association for the Protection of the Environment (A.P.E.) has been working with the informal garbage collectors of Cairo, known as the Zabbaleen (literally meaning garbage collector in Arabic), for over 25 years.

A.P.E. aims to help this traditionally marginalized group to find innovative ways to support the environment and aid themselves, by giving them classes and trainings.

A.P.E.’s main focus is to develop environmentally sound waste management and recycling techniques.

Everything can be recycled, even soda can tabs. The informal sector of Zabbaleen garbage collectors is able to handle at least 40% of the city’s waste.

Through the many programs of A.P.E., women have become empowered to build better lives for themselves, by learning useful crafts, such as how to weave on a hand-loom.

At A.P.E, members of the Zabaleen community learn to turn old shabby cloth into necessary carton products.

- A.P.E. is working with the Zabbaleen towards the goal of Zero Waste. Even old newspapers are turned into practical and beautiful craftwork.

8- The recycled products are sold in A.P.E. galleries; and the income is used to help the residents of the Garbage City improve their living conditions.

Photos by Yasmeen Shaheen and Yasmine Hassan - AUC MMJ Capstone 2017/Supervised by Professor Kim Fox


Yasmeen Shaheen and Yasmine Hassan

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