Daniel Ortega President of Nicaragua

Why Was He Important?

Daniel Ortega is important in Latin American history because he was a strong leader for Nicaragua. He helped Nicaragua in their revolution to overthrow dictatorship and form a democracy.


How Does Ortega Relate to The 8 Themes in World History?

Ortega connects with the revolution theme in World History because as he was an important leader in Nicaragua's revolution. Ortega played a vital role in the reunion of various FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front) factions and created of alliances with business and political groups. He was a leader in Nicaragua's revolution and states in a quote " The people of Nicaragua were suffering of oppression". Ortega helped with others in the revolution to overthrow their their dictatorship like government and revise their education laws as well as write their constitution.


Daniel Ortega also connects to the power and authority theme in the 8 themes in world history because after the revolution in 1985 Ortega became president of Nicaragua. He then was president of Nicaragua in 2007 and again in 2016 after he encouraged the amendment of the constitution stating only 2 election terms. Many people say he has become a dictator. For example their are protesters in Nicaragua that are concerned because they feel their government is tainted. One of the countries that is against Ortega and feel that he has become a sort of dictator is the U.S.


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