Artemis By:Tiffany Amos&Hannah Bevins


Artemis was the goddess of the moon and the hunt. Her roman name was Diana. She spent her time in the woods and mountains. Her special skills/powers were running, hunting, and archery


Her parents were Leto and Zeus. She had a twin brother Apollo god of light and the sun. Artemis never married.



For nine days and nine nights Leto(mother) suffered in pain until on the tenth day,Leto gave birth to Artemis, she then helped her mother deliver her twin, Apollo



Artemis was depicted as goddess of the hunt, bearing a bow and arrow



She was associated with the moon.

Physical appearance


  • She wore a knee-length chiton(dress)
  • Tall
  • Beautiful
  • She had auburn hair

Physical appearance


  • Weapon- bow and arrow
  • Object-cedar tree
  • Animals-deer and bear



Brauronia is a festival where the people had angered Artemis by killing a important bear and were punished by a plague.


Patron Goddess

Yes the city of Ephesus in Asian Centers worshipped her.

Story- Artemis, goddess of the hunt


A great hunter, Actaeon who always hunted in the woods with his dogs, came upon Artemis.

Story-Artemis, goddess of the hunt


Instead of going away at once ,as he should have, he watched her.

Story- Artemis, goddess of the hunt


Artemis became so angry she turned him into a deer, making his own dogs automatically turn on him and tear him to shreds.

Story- Artemis, goddess of the hunt

How Artemis is seen in the story/ what powers she shows

Artemis is seen as unforgiving and protective of herself. She has the power to transform Actaeon into a deer.


Other interesting facts

Any compulsive sudden death of women was attributed to Artemis. This concludes our presentation on Artemis, goddess of the hunt and moon.


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