Hunter Shearer National Historical Park New Mexico

DAY: 1

Lizard in the park

This was the first day. We came here by plane. We arrived at 2:49 AM. We went to our room and unpacked after getting our bags checked. We are now in the park working are way to today's attraction, the Wijiji Trail. So, yes today's the hiking day, I'm excited.

Saw some ducks on the trail

On the hiking trail, we saw a giant catfish leap out of the water. Sadly I did not get a picture of it, so here is a picture of some fish in a tank.

Day: 2

Picture of me and my mom on the plane here.

Today we went to the Una Vida self guided tour. It was so much fun and I saw a lot of animals. That was my favorite part at least, though the whole canyon and trip itself was fun. The bookstore had a lot of good books too.

A similar looking book store to the one I went to

Una Vida.

Day: 3

Night Sky Program.

Today is our last day. Sadly, I didn't get to see all the attractions but at least I got to do one of their night sky programs. The stars were beautiful and the sky was awesome looking. Now tomorrow is actually the last day, but today is the last day to do activities. Goodbye New Mexico!

The end of our trip.


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