8 December 2016/8 Kislev 5777

Term 4 Week 8

Shabbat Commences 6.58pm/Shabbat Terminates 8.00pm

Future of Perth Community: Towards 2027

Carmel School, the central Jewish organisation in Perth, has a major responsibility and role to play in the future of the Perth Jewish community. Understanding the educational needs of the community and what role Carmel needs to play over the next decade were the primary motivators for the recently completed Strategic Planning process undertaken by the Carmel Board and Senior Management.

As previously reported Carmel parents are very happy with the education the school provides Jewish students in Perth said Board President Debbie Silbert. However, every organisation needs to continually improve and adapt to the changing needs of its customers.

A vision was crafted for Carmel’s 10-year Strategy that, while not being particularly catchy, encompasses the multifaceted and integral role Carmel plays in our Jewish community. This is essential for Carmel School to be integral to all Perth Jewish families, with the scale and resources to deliver excellence in both academic and Jewish education, and achieving positive community outcomes.

To achieve the vision four priority areas were identified:

Fees and Funding (affordability)

Marketing and Advocacy

. Perth Jewish Community Development


Our community faces a number of challenges including the ability of young families to afford a Jewish education and also a declining number of families who value Jewish education enough to choose Carmel over public schools. Carmel School exists to educate Jewish children and no child is denied an education due to financial disadvantage. However, there are an increasing number of young Jewish families who do not qualify for fee assistance but prefer to send their children to a public primary school in order to maintain a certain standard of living.

In order to attract all Jewish children to Carmel and to provide a strong and vibrant future for our community, Carmel needs to ensure that fees are set at an affordable level while maintaining the extremely high quality of education it provides. Carmel also needs to re-engage Jewish families and young adults to have a stake in the future of our community and to play their part in creating a Jewish Perth that they will want their Jewish grandchildren to be raised in.

A number of projects and working groups have been created that stem from these four priority areas and these will be comprised of Carmel Board members, Carmel Senior Management and external parties who bring specialist expertise and insights.

Carmel School has an extremely optimistic view of the future of our community and has the plans, management and resources to ensure the realisation of the vision, but it will require the help and support of our Community to achieve it.

Shula Lazar, Principal

Debbie Silbert, Board President

If you have questions please contact Mark Majzner at CarmelStrategy@gmail.com

Year 10 Peer Support Training Day

The Year 10 Students enjoyed a Peer Support Training Day with Morah Shirley Atlas and Mrs Elyse Leeb in preparation for next year,

Year 7 – Visit to Sir David Brand School

On the 1st of December, the Year 7 cohort journeyed from our normal home to see something that would change our lives for the better. We went to Sir David Brand’s School for kids with learning disabilities. Some students suffer from Down syndrome, some are epileptic and others suffer from autism. As we entered the school we were greeted by the happy faces of the children and the staff, but at the same time lots of us hadn't experienced anything like this previously so it was somewhat confronting. We started the day with some singing and dancing to break the ice between us and the students. After we split into four groups and did activities with different groups of students with different levels of learning disabilities. Some of us played sports, some danced to music and some played with awesome catapults which may sound weird; but if you have been there before then you understand and if you haven't you should definitely go and find out (sneaky promo). We then gathered together for some delicious morning tea kindly supplied by Sir David Brand School. After we had a look at the students' learning environment. To our surprise it was quite fun. We interacted with students in so many different ways. Some Carmel students gave the Sir David Brand students a manicure, some played music and others learned how to say the alphabet in Auslan. Personally this was one of my favourite things to do (Rafi). Overall this was an eye opening experience for us, and I'm sure, the whole Year 7 class.

P.S I know this is super cringe but we would like to thank all the teachers and bachorim and bachorot who accompanied us.

Written by Rafi Cowan and Kobe Walters

Sir David Brand Home

A morning at Sir David Brand School: what an amazing experience! Seeing the smiles on all the students’ faces made my day so much better and I felt like I had helped make their day that little bit better too. The students all cope brilliantly with their disabilities and get along happily with each other. I was talking to a girl who liked 5SOS and it was then that I realised that just because they are a bit different than the rest of us, it doesn’t mean that they are less capable. The Sir David Brand students all suffer from some kind of disability, but they are students just like us and enjoy the same things we do. After spending the day there I know they can achieve anything. This visit really inspired me to always remember to give back and I enjoyed every moment.

Lexy Starkowitz

Sheva brachot for Leon and Stella Schneider

Year 7, 8 and 9 enjoyed a sheva brachot celebration for shaliach Leon and Stella Schneider who were married on the weekend. There was much joyous dancing and a light meal. We would love to celebrate many more marriages here at Carmel.


Year 6 Visit Maurice Zeffert Home

The Year 6s visited the Morris Zeffert home twice over the past week, as part of their inter-generational program. They assisted with doughnut-making and then enjoyed eating the doughnuts with the residents. On the second visit, the vivacious students showcased their talents on the stage. They performed their songs and dance from the end of year school concert, as well as their own items which they choreographed. They then enjoyed afternoon tea with the residents, chatting and listening to their stories. What a wonderful combination of young and old!

Year 9 Rottnest Camp

Year 3 Design Games and Activities

The Year 3 students have been busy using the engineering design process to create fun games and activities for younger students. The students worked in small groups to design, create, test and improve their games. All of the activities were then set up over a recess time for the Year 1s and 2s to enjoy. We are very proud of what we created and we loved seeing younger students enjoy themselves on the day.

Carmel Kids Model for Betts Kids

If the children in the next Betts Kids campaign look familiar, it’s because Betts Kids came to Carmel to shoot the upcoming school footwear promotion. And the feedback from the shoe models was that it was great fun, the shoes were super comfortable and they looked cool too!

Lost Property

All lost property items will be put outside reception on Friday, please come and claim your belongings. Items will be given to the second -hand uniform shop after this!

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