the earth as a whole by DeLorean guy

lets go back in time and see what the earth looked like millions of years ago
the archean era was 3.9 billion years ago ,the air was made of methane and ammonia. single celled organisms lived in this time
542 mya to 251 mya it was the palezoic era was alive and well. cycads and glossopterids with fears took the land by storm
the mesozoic era took place 225 million years ago it ended 65 million years ago and this is when the jurassic period and as you can tell there where dinosaurs
the cenozoic era was from 65 million years ago to now it was known as the mammals age because of the large amount of of mammals that where around then


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Hubble Catches a Spiral in the Air Pump"

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