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Damn good ads that mean something to someone (me).


Why is it that good ads are so hard to come by? I feel like in the ads that are lacking this "goodness" are the ones that don't stand for a cause, and ones that don't create emotion for those watching. These are a few of my favorite ads lately, and ads that make me proud to be an advertising major and hopefully one day work in an agency. I want to do good things and influence people to be better in their daily lives and show them that there is a whole world waiting to be heard and helped.

Fired up, ready to go?


No explanation necessary. Obama is a source of inspiration with every word he has ever spoken.

Read it and weep (jk!)


My favorite book of all time has to be Never Can Say Goodbye by Sari Botton, it is a compilation of writers and their unshakeable love for the city that never sleeps. Since I was 7 years old I created this imaginary love affair with NYC, it was always my dream to live there as a child. Being from Los Angeles is wondrous, however it is opposite of the city that doesn't slow down for anyone. This book perfectly embodies what it is like to be a New Yorker by choice, and the struggles and benefits that come with it. I guarantee it will give you a honest and humble perspective on all that the Big Apple has to offer. (It's a lot)

Pa(i)ntone the town


Do you think in colors unfamiliar? Do you ever wonder who names the colors that are indescribable and can't possibly be pinned to one singular word. Well check this out. A wonderful tool for any graphic designer let alone person. I think if we all acknowledged the infinite colors of the world, and how worthy they are we would be much happier people. So I dare you to extract the colors of your images in the Pantone mobile app, and begin to play.

paging all artists


Abstract: The Art of Design series on Netflix is a tool that will blow your mind. It is safe to say that I watched the entire series in one sitting, and that is not something I am ashamed of. If you watch it you will understand why it is binge worthy. It isn't just about how to manifest creativity, it is about how note-worthy designers of all niches have carved their creativity into our world. The eight designers that are featured have talents ranging from car design, footwear design, an illustrator, graphic designer, architect, stage designer, interior designer, and a photographer. They are each the most established in their field, and they don't tell us how they do it, they show us.

Chance the rapper takes a stand for the kids


I could go on for years about my growing love for Chance the Rapper, but I'm sure you already know how freaking amazing he is. So, I won't bore you with the rage of my rant of love for him. Recently he has been very involved in his community of Chicago, having a child gave him the boost of encouragement to start giving back to his community and standing up for the people. Chance is Chicago and Chicago is Chance the two go hand and hand because his love for Chicago is apparent in everything he does. So, of course it makes sense for Chance to donate $1 million dollars to the Chicago Public Schools after urging the governor to take similar approaches in this frightening political climate. Chances selfless act is an investment in the future, aka the kids. It really is inspiring and humbling to see a rapper practice modesty, and gratitude for the home that raised him.



In Heather LeFevre's book Brain Surfing The Top marketing Strategy Minds in the World we learned a multitude of lessons, but mostly we learned the importance of immersion. Cultural immersion and an understanding for lives that are as complex as our own is a vital part of our growth. When we skype'd more we peaked into her process and how she came about making this life changing adventure a reality. This reminds me of Anthony Bourdain's highly addictive show, "Parts Unknown" where he travels around the world and completely immerses himself in the culture of the people that inhibit the city and by the end of the trip is mistaken as a local. He stops at no bounds, while eating as much food as humanly possible, and living like an average local would.

Get a little spark and a whole lot of honey


Sparks & Honey is an advertising agency that is interested in cultural trends, and is dedicated to sharing their findings with anyone who is interested. They put out their yearly trend forecast to help up and coming businesses, and business innovation that will succeed in their fields knowing they have great insight and research to resort to via Sparks & Honey. It is a great tool for anyone who is interested in brand strategy, and anyone interested in learning more about the consumers that are in their marketplace.

networking is a major key


I must admit, even I am not the best at Networking, it is often times scary and takes a whole lot of courage. Sometimes liquid courage helps, but that isn't always professional and if all networking settings could begin and end in a bar it would probably be a more seamless process. So, stick to this chart and hopefully it will give you inspiration in the same way it did for me.

Books you shouldn't pass up


The best tool is reading, reading as much as possible and as many genres as possible. The amount of knowledge and growth that can come from opening a book of any kind is a claim that no one has ever tried to argue. These are some of the books that are on my reading list and I have already read. They are catered toward the creative folk, which in my opinion is everyone if they dig deep enough. So, dive in and crack open that book cover.

1. Creative Confidence // Tom Kelley and David M. Kelley 2. Bird by Bird // Anne Lamott 3. Contagious: Why Things Catch On // Jonah Berger 4. Steal Like an Artist // Austin Kleon

We are next, aren't we?


We are Next is a weekly publication aimed to help emerging Advertising students mark their way in the advertising world with enough confidence to not look back. Natalie Kim, who so graciously came to speak to us has been in the Advertising field for 10 years so it's safe to say she knows her stuff, but she doesn't stop there. Each week she consults others in the advertising world on advice for students soon to be graduating, and compiles her information of the topic at hand into a weekly email that arrives every Monday morning. It'll get you pumped for the day, trust me. Subscribe here to get inspired.

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