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Student rights and responsibilities : Vernonia School District v. Acton (1995)

This case is very important due to the increase of high school sports, in particular football. High school football has hit an apex in the United States and shows no signs of slowing down. Drug testing is a hotly debated issue in our culture and now has invaded the lives of our children. With the advent of synthetic and designer hormones as well as stimulants precautionary school districts are aiming to not only protect students lives but also the integrity and soul of high school sports.

This case will affect any teacher who supports and engages him or herself in the field of high school athletics. I myself would like to coach when I become a full time teacher. This case sided with the school district and allowed for students to be drug tested before the season and possibly at random during the school year. I feel this type of testing is wholly necessary in today's world and aims to fundamentally protect student athletes. As mandated reporters we are required to uphold the safety of the children and students we teach. I feel as a coach we will have special insight into students lives , with that being said should we find probable cause of drug use, it is not only our duty, but our responsibility to protect our students.

Unfortunately on the theme of diversity, this case secludes itself to student athletes and not the entire school. The most effective way to stay diverse in this situation would be to ignore any and all stereotypes and assert your power of protection only in extreme and probable cases.

The use of technology in regards to student athlete drug testing would be the progression of instant drug testing results. Although proper medical stall i.e. nurses, law enforcement will be required to administer these tests, the instantaneous results will lead to quick and decisive action. This technology has progressed over the years to offer rock solid results so as to nullify any type of lingering issues and defense.

Student benefits and rights are quite clear in this case. No student will be FORCED to submit to a drug test and they will have the opportunity to decline, which is absolutely their right. To their benefit, if there is a drug problem found, said student will be able to receive help and rehabilitation if a serious issue resides with them. The safety and livelihood of our students is our first and most important task as a teacher and or coach.

Teacher professional rights and responsibilities : SPEARS v. JEFFERSON PARISH SCHOOL BD

This case delves into tort law and the responsibility of teachers to their students to act and teach as leaders not menaces to a child's welfare. This case shows a gross misunderstanding of moral leadership with two coaches "tricking" very young students. The idea of even attempting to joke about killing a student or to go as far as to fake a scenario to frightening a student into acceptable behavior passes the limits of reprehensible. This is gross negligence in regards to due care of students.

Teacher actions are defined not only through our educational development but through our peers and standards set forth by the districts. Our actions as teachers need to be a solid element of trust with our students and those around our classrooms. Ignoring this high bar of influence and teacher conduct can have insurmountable ramifications, not only to a teachers career but to the students welfare.

Diversity in this case would be the whole understanding of the age groups we are working with. Kindergarten students need to be taught in a way that will encompass a young rationale as well as building trust and security around them and their classroom. This type of diversity would fall under an element of age and maturation. Kindergarten age students are ill prepared for adult intimidation and well as an adult sense of humor.

Technology could have possible averted this type of behavior in regards to these two coaches. Cameras are being installed in schools around the country and could have possible been a deterrent to such actions taken by these coaches. Also online sensitivity courses can act as a refresher to those who need to be updated with knowledge of safe and reliable teaching to share with their students.

Student benefits in regards to this case are simple. Every student deserves a safe learning environment, free from any type of deviant behavior exhibited by these two educators. Furthermore our students should look forward to school as a haven of learning and socializing. No student should live in fear to attend school especially from their teachers.

Teacher personal rights and responsibilities : Oleske vs SCH.DIST.BD of Educ

This court case upheld the dismissal of Oleske as she was found guilty of telling sexually oriented jokes to students. This type of knowledge is known by all teachers to not engage in this type of conduct. Therefore this lends itself to the idea of utilizing high character and morale with and around your students at all times.

Teacher action in the classroom and around our students is heavily weighed on discretion. Not only personally leading these type of discussions but if finding themselves as a witness to this type of behavior, a teacher should inform students the school and classroom is no placed for this type of talk.

Diversity in this case is clear cut in the responsibility of a teacher to avoid all discussions of sex with any of their students. These type of engagements should only be made withing a health or sexual learning class. In avoiding this subject at all times a teacher will practice steadfast diversity with any and all students.

The technology aspect in this case is hard to define. There will be multi media examples to clarify this subject in the proper class environment. Sexual harassment videos are a cornerstone for all corporate and teacher training that should clarify what is acceptable and what is out of bonds with our students and peers.

Student benefits in the outcome of this case are two fold. One a teacher should have a higher moral ground to not include or accept such behavior in his or her classroom. Secondly setting standards of behavior with our students creates a parameter of classroom management that will facilitate an open and honest environment free from the embarrassment and ridicule of such a personal topic.



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