The Great Gatsby By: Ethan, wyatt, coltin

Nick Caraway is the man that narrates the story. He comes to West Egg from the Midwest. He visits his 2nd cousin once removed Daisy. While at Daisy's he also meets her husband Tom Buchanan. Tom and Daisy are very wealthy. Tom was a polo player and was successful. Nick also met Jordan Baker who is a professional golfer, not many know but she cheats when she golfs. Tom receives a call and Daisy seems upset, she tells nick that Tom is talking to his other lover.

Between West Egg and New York there is a desolate place of ash piles and junk. There was a billboard with Dr. Eckleburg's eyes that supposedly watched over everything that happened in this valley off ashes. This is where the rail road met the motor road. Tom makes Nick go to George Wilson's garage where his other woman Myrtle Wilson lives. George talks to Tom about buying a car then Myrtle comes down and tells George to get some chairs so they could sit. This is the first time Nick sees Tom and Myrtle kiss and then they all leave Wilson's garage. When George came back with the chairs they were gone. Tom takes the two to a party in New York where Nick meets Myrtle's sister Catherine. Later during the party tom and Myrtle are fighting and Tom hits Myrtle in his drunken madness. Then Nick drunken leaves with Mr. McKee.

Then there was Nicks neighbor Jay Gatsby. He invites Nick to a party of his and Nick decides to go to the party. He sees Jordan there and they hang out the rest of that night. Nick thinks Gatsby's parties are extravagant and huge. Nick and Jordan go looking for Gatsby and they come upon a man in a library mumbling about the books. Nick calls this man owl eyes. Later Nick and Jordan go to watch the entertainment and are joined by a handsome young man that says he knows Nick from somewhere. Then they remember they served in the same division in the army. Nick mentions how they were looking for the host and then Gatsby reveals himself. This is the first time Gatsby calls Nick old sport, as he will do for the rest of the book. Gatsby wants to meet with Jordan and they do. Soon later owl eyes drunkenly wrecks his car in the ditch. Then Nick reveals that he is in a relationship with a girl from Jersey but after some convincing from Daisy he breaks up and he gets together with Jordan.

Nick talks about all of the people who had visited Gatsby's parties that summer. He tells of the nations most powerful people being there. Gatsby is driving Nick into town, and he tells him all about his life. He tells Nick about how he inherited his money from his parents who lived out west. He tells him about how he went to Oxford and his World War I medals. A police officer pulls Gatsby over and apologizes when Gatsby shows him a white card. Gatsby takes Nick to lunch and he introduces him to Meyer Wolfsheim, who fixed the 1919 World Series. After lunch Nick runs into Jordan and she tells him that Gatsby wants him to invite Daisy to have tea with them. So Nick does.

Nick comes home from a night on the town with Jordan, and notices that Gatsby's house is all lit up, but nobody is there. Nick talks to Gatsby and tells him that he will invite Daisy over for tea. Gatsby offers Nick a job with him, but Nick rejects his offer. It is raining on the day Daisy is supposed to come, and Gatsby is nervous that she won't come. Daisy arrives and eventually they to over to Gatsby's and he has Kipspringer play the piano while he gives her a tour. Nick leaves quietly and goes home.

Reporters come to Gatsby's and are telling Nick of Gatsby's life. They tell him the he is from North Dakota, and dropped pout of college. They say that he gained his fortune from working for Dan Cody. Later Tom and the Sloanes come to Gatsby's and the have a drink. Gatsby invites them to supper, but the kindly reject. They ask him to dinner to be nice, and Gatsby accepts. Tom is suspicious about Daisy's actions around Gatsby and he suspects they are in love.

a Tom and Gatsby are in a conflict over there confirmation over Daisy brings to the surface troubling aspects of both the characters. Tom tells Gatsby's illegal activities in front of everybody to disgrace him. Toms sexism becomes more clear and more obvious to Daisy. Gatsby tells Daisy to tell tom that she loves Gatsby more than Tom but she said she loved both. They leave and daisy hits myrtle with Gatsby's car. They frantically go back to Daisy’s house and Gatsby plans to wait till Tom gets home to make sure Daisy is ok.

Gatsby had a sleepless night he was watching daisy to make sure she was ok. Daisy was fine after she came to the window and then went to bed Gatsby headed home. Nick tried to convince Gatsby to leave and go to long Island but he didn’t want to lose Daisy. Then Mr. Wilson visited Tom and Tom told him everything that happened was because of Gatsby. Gatsby says that he wants to swim but Nick says no. Gatsby goes anyway and while he was in the pool Wilson came and shot Gatsby in the pool.

Two years after gatsby's death Nick set the funeral up and made it so everybody could come but nobody showed up to the funeral but Gatsby's dad. Gatsby’s dad hit on a lot of the points of how Gatsby’s early life. His father revealed how Gatsby’s life had really been. How he came from poor upcomings and made his fortune alone.


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