Scientific claims By Astrid Rudjord

Vaccines cause autism:

An article written several years ago claimed that vaccinations cause autism in children.

As a result, many parents have stopped vaccinating their children.

The claim has been disproved many times, but many people still believe it, and so many people still decide not to vaccinate their children.

HIV is not the cause of AIDS:

Dr. Joseph Mercola claims that HIV is not the cause of AIDS, despite most proof saying that it is.

He believes that the effects of AIDS come from the stress from believing that that HIV is harmful.

Water will change its properties if it hears the words "Hitler" and "Satan":

According to health fanaticist Vani Hari, water will change its properties if exposed to the words "Hitler" and "Satan", if it has been microwaved, as it will then apparently produce crystals that will be influenced by negative energy. This is one of her many claims about microwaves.

Homosexuality can be "cured"

There is a belief that, through gay reperative therapy, people attracted to the same sex can be cured

This often therapy often includes electric shock therapy, and often permanently harm the people exposed to it, particularly mentally. and most experts on the subject agree that it does not work.

Julie Hamilton, a representative of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality is one believer of this therapy, but most people, in particular those who have been exposed to it, speak against it.

Watching TV makes your eyes square

There have been many cases of people, especially parents, claiming that watching too much TV or sitting too close to the TV will make your eyes go square.

There are also several websites that claim this.

However there are no scientific studies done on the subject, and although watching TV may give you bad eyesight, it is illogical to think that your eyes will change shape because of it.


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