Medieval Torture

Medieval torture came in many different ways, all painful and gruesome

One of the Lose-Lose situations was trial by water if you sunk, your innocent if you float your a witch

One form of punishment was known as the Brazen Bull, criminals were put into hallow bronze bulls and a fire was lit under the bull, burning the victem

One form of torture was called the Iron chair, you were put in a chair with spikes on it and brackets were tightened, the spikes going deeper every time

one form of torture was called Judas cradle, you were bound and a wooden pyramid was slowly shoved up the anus till death or is they managed to survive it was due to infection, it was known as a bull and was meant to damage the genitalia

Hung, Drawn, and quartered was a form of torture where you were tied to four horses and they would run in four different directions, tearing you apart

Catherines wheel was a horrible form of torture in which you were bound to wheel and slowly stretched while you were being beat with metal clubs and having your bones shattered


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