1st Project of 2nd Semester Zavier mcgue 2-23-17

Since I failed miserably at my Harambe project, I still picked up some clay skills with my hands. But with this smaller project likewise, I could work on smaller and more precise things.

I like dogs a lot so it was meaningful, plus it felt more "doable" so I was more engaged on trying to get it done.

If I were to do something differently about this project I would have tweaked the eyes a little bit more and spent more time on them.

An artistic behavior that I demonstrated was learn techniques and processes. I used familiar materials and developed new skills through it on a different kind of project. Such as slipping and scoring, I was mediocre at it and I picked up on it really well. I just hope I did it well enough so that it wont blow up in the kiln. A second artistic behavior I demonstrated was Reflect, I had to step back and analyze my project. When I was doing my dog's eyes, mouth, and nose something was missing Mrs. Galyk suggested I should make them 3D. And that's what I did.

This is my first time glazing a clay product ever. So I want to say my first artistic behavior is Taking Risks. It's new to me and I think I did fairly well for my first time. I feel this new experience helped me grow to be a better student.

My second artistic behavior I've demonstrated was engage and persist. I have never glazed before and I had to buckle down, decide what colors or designs I want to do with my pieces. I persisted with having to put three coats on each piece and getting them done before the art show. Also it was difficult going around and in between the eyes of the dog.

It's a challenging project because there are multiple combinations of doing the glazing. It's meaningful because it's the first actual project I've finished all year. What I like best about this whole dog project was glazing, I engaged myself into it because I genuinely enjoyed it.

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Zavier McGue

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