Stargirl Jerry Spinelli

Jerry Spinelli was born on February 1st, 1941 in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Went to Gettysburg college and Johns Hopkins University. Started writing when he was 16. He published more than 25 books and his first one was published in 1982(Space Station Seventh Grade). He won both the John Newbery medal and the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award twice, and both the Golden Kite Award for Fiction and the Anne V. Zarrow Award for Young Readers' Literature once.

About the book

  • Published on August 8th, 2000
  • Setting: Mica, Arizona
  • Mica High School
  • Outdoors in the desert which stargirl calls her enchanted place

Plot Summary

Stargirl comes to Mica High school as a sophomore and she dresses and acts differently then the kids at the school so the kids are curious. But the kids start to like and act like her. During the basketball season she becomes and cheerleader for both teams, Mica High and the opponent. When she comforted an opponent player and Mica High looses the game, the students turned against her and shunned her. A friend named Leo tells her that she needs to change, so she tries to change her ways by going with her real name, Susan. Towards the end of the school year she goes to a dance and people dance with her. But after the dance she goes missing from school, and her house is up for sale. No one has seen her since.

Main Characters

  • Leo: the narrator of the story, was a student at Mica High School. He found himself thinking about Stargirl much of the time. He wanted to understand her. He lives a quite and ordinary life collecting porcupine neckties.
  • Stargirl: Her real name is Susan Caraway. Has blonde hair and freckles and is very mysterious.
  • Archie: A retired professor who had known Stargirl for years, Long before she went to Mica High.(teaches kids life lessons)

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