Hollin root The best bed and bReakfast you can get

Relax in luxury as you take a step in the beautiful county Yorkshire

Where laughter has happened and memories are made

If your feeling tired take a bit of time to relax or enjoy a range of amazing movies

Garden 1: The walks to the village of Sutton have begun

Garden 2: The start of your walk to the top of the hill will take your breath away from all of the amazing veiws and star gazing spots at the pinnacle

Take a bite into the beautiful creations of food we make

Prices from £79 per person per night Monday to Thursday & £99 Friday to Sunday Please call for details and availability

The church in Sutton

The things that you can do in Sutton are amazing you can go from having a perfect meal from many amazing restaurants to walking to the very top of the Sutton hill. Sutton was founded in 1086 and used to be called sutun because the founder was called Marcus sutun but as the village evolved the name changed and became to as we know today Sutton in craven.

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