An Open Welcome Welcoming new and returning students to the University of Manchester library

Padma Inala, Sam Aston, Ros Bell, Jennie Blake & Craig Morley

New Challenges and Opportunities

  • Extended Welcome, Transition and Induction period (three weeks)
  • Phased - Returning Undergraduates and New Postgraduate Taught
Old luggage

What We Did

  1. 'Get Started' campaign
  2. 'Get Ready, Together: The Library and Getting Started with the Next Academic Year' event

Pedagogy and Principles

  • Library is here for you - creating a safe space and building community
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous partnership
  • Wherever you are, that's where we'll be (materials and live sessions as a connected system)
An Anchor

Theme 1: Asynchronous Anchors

  • Always accessible
  • Inclusive by design
  • Collective creation
  • No longer a one-shot

Asynchronous Materials Created

  • Get Started embedded asynchronous welcome materials (58 Programmes, approx. 3,374 students)
  • Get Ready, Together asynchronous materials = 6 'rooms'
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Theme 2: Teaching-Focus Inductions

  • Move away from a megaphone
  • Towards a dialogue with students
  • Tailored experience

Get Started Drop-ins = 914 students across six sessions

Get Started together sessions = 491 students across five sessions

1930s map of Manchester

Feedback and Lessons Learned

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Attendance data from the Get Started Together session
Average time spent at the Get started Together session
Attendance Data from Get Started Together Drop-in
Average time spent at the Get Started Together Drop-in