How I talk to myself Common Exhibit #1

During the first of the semester I had a hard time keeping my head on straight. I felt down because I am obviously on academic probation. I felt like I couldn't get my grades to where they need to be, and I still am looking for what those grades are.

This is the score of my stats homework and quizzes. I'm doing well in that class, and I really enjoy math. Future major? Who know.
This is my chemistry homework grades. These are much better than last semester which where mostly zeros, considering I never did the work. Not doing the work resulted in me retaking the class and this is where I am today.

I still put myself down here and there. During the week, here are a few things I caught myself saying:

- I was looking at majors and their curriculum to possibly switch my major. During this I saw a curriculum plan with many different chemistries. I said to myself, "Oh never mind, I'll never be able to finish all of those chemistries. I've already used two academic forgivenesses". This was my inner critic voice. What i should have said is that I would have to work harder to get through those classes during the semester if the major was important to me.


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