Positive Meaningful Leadership in a Challenging World Melody Buckner, PhD - University of Arizona

According to Harvard Business Review, “amazing bosses try to make work meaningful and enjoyable for employees. They’re most successful when they adhere to a few best practices.”


  • Meaningful - Manage individuals, not just teams. Employees have varying interests, abilities, goals, and styles of learning. It is important to understand what makes each person tick so that you can customize your interactions with them.
  • Positive - Investing in relationships, bringing out the best in others, coaching, encouraging, serving, caring and being someone to be trusted.


  • Meaningful - Go big on meaning. Inspire people with a vision, set challenging goals, and articulate a clear purpose. Don’t rely on incentives like bonuses, stock options, or raises.
  • Positive - Seeing and creating a brighter and better future by inventing, innovating, improving and transforming our lives and world through our ideas, dreams and imagination.


  • Meaningful - Focus on feedback. Use regular one-on-one conversations for coaching. Make the feedback clear, honest, and constructive.
  • Positive - Create a culture based on support and engagement in order to energize and encourage people to learn, grow and provide opportunities for their best work.


  • Meaningful - Don’t just talk — listen. Pose problems and challenges, and then ask questions to enlist the entire team in generating solutions.
  • Positive - Communicate in ways that make others feel important and empowered. Go beyond the words and focus on the entire person and their message.


  • Meaningful - Be consistent. Be open to new ideas in your management style, vision, expectations, and feedback. If change becomes necessary, acknowledge it quickly.
  • Positive - What do you stand for and what do you want to be known for? Once you address these core values, then be faithful to them and all the rest will fall into place.

In Conclusion

Where do you go from here?

Try Storytelling as a Communication Tool for Positive Meaning Leadership

  • C - Curiosity
  • U - Urgency
  • R - Relevance
  • V - Value
  • E - Emotion

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