renewable resources Renewable energy could solve some modern conflicts of global warming.


Renewable Energy: renewable energy is a source of energy that does not cause harm to our environment and will reduce the amount of pollution and hopefully put a stop to global warming in the future.

Fossil fuels- a natural fuel such as coal or gas, formed in the geological past from the remains of living organisms. I chose this word because honestly I didn’t know exactly what a fossil fuel was but now it is clear. Fossil fuels are becoming less available everyday which means it is the perfect time to make a change. Nonrenewable resources will take over this world and make it a safer place.

Global Warming- Global warming is an increase in the overall temperature due to increase in carbon dioxide and other pollutants. I know that everyone is aware of global warming but I’m pretty positive that most people don’t know how it's caused. Since the world is growing everyday, if we keep everything the same, we will run out of nonrenewable resources and have a very concerning atmosphere.

Atmosphere : The mixture of gases surrounding the Earth. This word is critical to understanding global warming and renewable energy because power plants and cars and many more things are polluting our atmosphere and releasing harmful chemicals

Biodiversity- the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem. One of the facts I had earlier was talking about how renewable resources could increase biodiversity in marine life. Diversity is very important no matter where you are. Because of the recent changes in our climate, biodiversity has been decreasing. If renewable energy is leading to increasing biodiversity, then we should support it.

Mandate - An order or being commanded to do something. In this situation, I think the use of this word is great. Some companies are being mandated to use renewable energy which is leaving a positive effect on our environment. If changes are not made then we will see no positive results in climate change.

What are some major benefits of adopting renewable energy?

Using more renewable energy will contribute to a less harmful environment and a decrease in global emissions to lower current temperatures.Renewable energy has started to become a common term brought up when discussing climate change or in simpler words, global warming. According to the article “Benefits of Renewable Energy Use”, the author states that “Increasing the supply of renewable energy would allow us to replace carbon-intensive energy sources and significantly reduce U.S. global warming emissions.” Renewable energy is recently beginning to receive more interest because of our current situation with our atmosphere.By generating electricity from renewable resources instead of fossil fuels, we can greatly improve our health. Our current situation is that renewable resources are not being used to their full potential, which, is resulting in health issues that can be prevented. Air and Water pollution from coal and natural gas plants have been linked to many health related issues such as breathing problems, heart attacks, and even cancer; says the union of concerned scientist, experts in climate policies. Adopting renewable energy can make this environment safer for this generations and the ones to come after. A well managed atmosphere is vital to our well being; but, cost might need to be considered before knowing renewable energy is the way to go.

How will the cost of renewable energy affect people's opinion on global warming?

Renewable energy will cost more money in the future than the government is currently spending. According to the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory),”Cycling gas and coal plants would add about $35 million to $157 million per year in operating and maintenance expenses”(“Renewable Energy Study Shows That Benefits Outweigh Costs In U.S.”). By spending money to produce renewable energy now, we can save even more energy in the long run. Even though renewable energy has proven to be more expensive than our current situation, it will save the U.S a very substantial amount of money. Also, the cost of renewable energy is currently one of the cheapest options we have. In the article “Renewables Now Cheapest, But How To Enable Faster Renewable Energy Growth?” the author states, “Renewable energy is now the cheapest option, on average, for new electricity capacity around the world — in developed countries like the US as well as developing countries like India, China, Nigeria, and Mexico(Shahan).Spending money to set up and make renewable energy will save us more money in the long run while also making this world a safer place.Even with renewable energy making up less than 20% of total energy use, we have already seen positive results that could give us a new perspective on our environment.

Q: How much improvement have we seen already with renewable energy?

Improvements to our environment have been seen such as decreases in pollution and an increase in money .Also, developed countries are being able to save more money due to the fact that renewable resources never run out. In the article “Have We Already Won The Renewables Revolution”, the articles states that, “improving energy efficiency saves developed countries $540 billion each year”(The International Energy Agency). Some people may argue that money could be the best improvement with adopting renewable energy and with renewable energy getting more popular, we can expect to save even more money. In the past decade, the production of renewable energy has skyrocketed. The Union Of Concerned Scientist state that, “the U.S. can generate most of its electricity from renewable energy by 2050(NREL). This really impacts how people think about the world because of how close we are to making this world healthy. The United States will be taking the first steps to making our environment healthier than it currently is. Also, now that more energy is being produced, more jobs will be made and become available to people.

Will renewable energy create more jobs?

With renewable energy on the rise, more jobs will be made so that we can support and provide for our environment. In the article”Renewable Energy Is Creating Jobs 12 Times Faster Than the Rest of the Economy",it states that, “The solar and wind industries are each creating jobs at a rate 12 times faster than that of the rest of the U.S. economy, according to a new report”(Kate Samuelson). The renewable energy sector has seen rapid growth over recent years, driven largely by significant reductions in manufacturing and installation costs. Also, while new jobs are becoming available, a decrease in non renewable resources support has also been taking place. In the article “How Many Jobs Does Clean Energy Create”it states that,”From 2014 to 2015 solar employment increased by 6 percent while employment in upstream oil and gas and support services dropped by 18 percent”(Greg Kats). This piece of information is critical because statistics are showing that this is really happening and sooner than believed, renewable energy could take over such things as oil and gas. Even with this newly acquired evidence, humans can still be blamed for some parts of global emission.

How have humans decreased the safety of our environment?

It’s no secret that humans have been polluting our earth for centuries; furthermore, the burning of fossil fuels and emitting co2 gases has not helped our environment. In the article, “ Global Warming is Human Caused”, it states that, “Human activity--such as burning fossil fuels--causes more greenhouse gases to build up in the atmosphere. As the atmosphere "thickens" with more greenhouse gases, more heat is held in”(National Wildlife Preservation) Gases are being trapped inside our environment which explains why global warming is happening. Even the simplest things like using electricity can harm our environment. In the article “ Time for Change” it states that, “the electricity you use is generated from coal-burning power plants”(Human Global Warming: What Are the Main Causes). Almost everybody on earth has polluted the world one way or another. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make a change. Renewable energy can and will make this a safer place for the current and future generations to come.

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