Vitamin and Minerals Callie gilbert

Water Soluble- Dissolves in water
Vitamin B- Folic Acid

Function- helps the body make new cells.

Food source- dark green, leafy veggies. (kale, spinach, broccoli)

Deficiency- Spina Bifida

Vitamin C- Asorbic Acid

Function- protect against infection

Food source- citrus fruits (strawberry, orange, tomatoes)

Deficiency- scurvy

Fat soluble- dissolves in fat
Vitamin K

Function- helps your blood clot normally

Food source- dark green veggies

Deficiency- bleeding and bruising

Vitamin A

Function- promotes good vision, hair, and skin

Food source- red, orange, and dark green veggies

Deficiency- Night blindness

Vitamin D

Function- builds and maintains bones and teeth

Food source- milk and dairy products

Deficiency- rickets, bowed legs

Vitamin E

Function- protects membranes of red and white bloodcells

Food source- vegetable oils, fruits, veggies

Deficiency- poor nerve connection and neurological problems


Function- strengthen bones and teeth

Food source- milk, whole grain, leafy veggies

Deficiency- osteoporosis


Function- helps make red blood cells

Food source- animal products, dark green veggies

Deficiency- anemia

Sodium and potassium

Function- maintain fluid balance in body

Food source- Salts, fruits and veggies

Deficiency- muscle cramps, seizures


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