Karina Jo Martinez 3305 Final Portfolio

During this semester I have developed many skills when it comes to writing information as design. I believe I have developed a more simple design style while using elements of color and shape to aide a concept.

The Catch My Eye Logo is intended to catch the eye of future clientele. The design reveals a hint at the style of henna art often performed, and the color is meant to pop, while catering to possibly more feminine and/or trendy audience.
The professional resume is meant to communicate experience and skills in different management positions. It is divided to allow me to communicate more information in a way that looks less crowded. The blue accent and border is meant to compliment the logo in the corner while also showing a more creative side in my work.
The theatre resume is meant to show my experience and skills as an actor, director, and playwright. It is divided so that the information can look less crowded, and the accent color is black to keep a more simple design. Theatre resumes tend to be sent in mass, and printed by others, so the black can easily be printed in a black/white scale.
The guide to taking your business online info graphic is meant to communicate to business owners how potential customers are using the internet, and ways they can take advantage of that information. The blue and green colors are meant to resemble colors often associated with the internet, as well as how the green can be associated with money.

Reaching the end of this semester, I would say I have a better understanding of how to combine the design skills I already possessed with the details and tools I've learned in this class. The details being how to use color, spacial relationship, fonts, and formatting to better communicate information and words. The tools being Adobe Illustrator, In Design, and spark programs. The time it takes for me to create new designs using these tools has been cut in half or more since when I first tried in the beginning of the semester. I have already started to use these skills in my professional life, i.e. the logo, and the creation of advertisements using Adobe Sparks. I believe I will continue to use and develop these skills for personal and professional reasons.

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