Chris Blue Embrace your difference

Who's Chris Blue?

Before he was on The Voice, he was a graduate of Knoxville Christian School

On Monday, March 27, 2017, Chris Blue returned to KCS to speak in front of the whole school during chapel. Chris spent time talking about his time as a student and athlete while attending Knoxville Christian School, and a message of inspiration. "Be different. Embrace your difference."


Be Different

We are drowning in information, and starving for Jesus!
Everybody in this room has a purpose. You've got a purpose. You have a purpose. You have a purpose. I have a purpose.
God will not take you where your character won't keep you.

After the Talk

Shortly after the gym emptied, and the school tried to get back to a state of daily normalcy, WBIR conducted several interviews and built the following story.

Chris tours his old school

A lot has changed over the past 10 years from when Chris graduated from Knoxville Christian School. Two new buildings have been built, administration has changed, and most of the staff from his years of roaming the halls, have moved on to other adventures. However, there are a few people from Chris' time at KCS that are still influencing the lives of current KCS students.

Visiting Classrooms

Autograph time

While attending KCS, Chris played basketball. While being introduced earlier in the day, he commented on the size of today's basketball players. He also asked that all current basketball players come down to the court and went through the line and shook hands.

At the time, Chris was one of the taller ball players. Today, not so much!


Who doesn't want to go down the slide?

Where to find Chris

Knoxville Christian School would like to thank Chris Blue and his mom for visiting and speaking to the students and staff. We wish you the best of luck on The Voice!

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