Exhibit 4: A Tiger's Perspective Professor Interview



The Professor interview exhibit was the most special exhibit to me, and was definitely my favorite. The reason why is because it showed me the median for where I was and where I wanted to be. I am declaring that my teaching assistant is where I want to be as a student, compared to where I am right now. My teaching assistant (T.A) not only helped me become aware of my current problems, but also the steps needed to transition into a proud scholar. During the interview we discussed many topics related to being a professor and student. We focused on the major that I was studying and common misconceptions about it. We went in depth with my T.A.'s background, work ethic and academic plans. We covered everything from school systems to religion, and I took note of it all.

In summary I was very nervous (as you can tell from the video) and observant with this interview. I learned a lot during this meeting, and I have come to two conclusions: I will never accepted the sound of my recorded voice and you can gain more than expected when developing a relationship with your professor.


For my self-directed portion I went to the writing center to review my reflection paragraphs.


these are the rough drafts this exhibit


The writing center had the same affect on me as the professor interview, which was to take a step back and reconcile with what i am doing. Of course the professor interview made me look at the way I was conducting myself as a student, and the writing center made me focus on how I was writing my reflection. It was a bit ironic to have the writing center review my reflections, because after I would show them my paper, I would have to reflect on what I wrote and wether I needed it in the paragraph or how I could make it better. The process would go by me first creating an outline of what to write, then a down draft would be written. Later a rough draft would be written and taken to the writing center, and finally the version you read before you would be type in my portfolio. The whole thing would be exhausting, but every time I came back, my writing skills would get better. I would hope to say the same thing happen when I visited my professor. Every time I visited my professor/ T.A i would like to think that i am proof reading my progress in the class and if there is anything that I would need to improve.

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