Cynthia Fonseca Creative photOgraphy

Early photography
Best photo from beginning of the year

At the beginning of this class my photography was not as good as it is now. Once I started learning all the principals of composition it got much better I started realized how it made my photography better. Using the principles of composition made taking pictures that much easier because I knew what I was doing.

Edited photos
Before & After
Featured Image

This photo was inspired by Vivian mayors he always took photos that had blurred everything expect her fac. The edits are showing how she used to take her pictures. It was a pleasure getting to know about all her artwork

Sally Mann inspired

This photo was inspired by Sally Mann she always took pictures of children having fun and playing around her picture were always in black and white also

Black & White I've taken
Favorite black & white
Still Life photos
Favorite still life photo
People Photos
Favorite people photo

This photo represents all the fun times my friends and I have together. I choose to take this photo to capture the moments when my friends are the happiest to see them smile is all I ask for.

Most creative photos

I experienced so many different things in this class over the last couple months. I learned how to use the principles of composition in my photography. I also learned how lighting in an area makes a difference on how you're picture comes out.

Absolute Favorite Photo

This is my favorite photo one because I love taking pictures of flowers and different types of nature and second because I love the way the light reflects on the flowers which makes the color stand out more.


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