Nature-ly iGen? How a tech-savvy youth may be redefining the understanding of nature...

In light of the warnings of global warming and climate change, we look to the next generation that will inherit the planet. iGen (named after smartphones) is hyper-informed and well-connected yet increasingly disconnected to nature. As mental health issues continue to arise among our youth, we invite you to ponder how to help our tech-savvy generation balance technology with both outer and inner nature, thus restoring hope and taking action for a healthier future and planet.


In this age of Anthropocene, our planet is in a state of emergency. If urbanization and technology are advancing without restoring our damaged ecosystems in mind, our children will have no planet to live in. But there is hope.

Never before has a whole generation been fully global. Never before have children had quicker access to information and been more interconnected. iGen / Generation Z is one of entrepreneurs, multi-taskers, and activists. They understand the issue and want their future secured. However their charge has come at a high price. Never before have psychological disorders been more common among our youth. Many fault the digital age not only for the increase in these mental health issues, but also children's disconnect from nature. Is it not time to integrate nature in every way technologies, cities and (most importantly) the minds of our next generation are developing? What if instead of causing more anxiety, digitization would engage us in and not distance us from nature, hereby creating hope for the health of our planet and the next generation that will inherit it? Could changing the narrative about our future to a more positive one reconcile a very able iGen with nature and, perhaps, even redefine how we understand nature?

Invitation to ponder...

IN LIGHT OF COVID19: What will the "new normal" look like? What are positive and possible outcomes for the future?

  1. Why are mental health issues among our youth increasing and how are these correlated to the health of our planet?
  2. Is the digital age a threat to nature, or can it revolutionize our stewardship of the environment?
  3. How can a tech-savvy generation be engaged in nature practically?


  • iGen / Generation Z
  • Business developers
  • Policymakers
  • Educators
  • Parents
  • Journalists
  • Psychologists / Doctors
  • Urban Planners
  • Technology Innovators
  • Marketing Strategists
Short Documentary: "Nature-ly iGen" by Nathalie Janata and Salim Lemond
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