The Focus of my Eye Photography

My name is Olivia Litwak, a student that has taken Digital Design 1 and I am in Digital Photography currently. I am 16 and a junior in high school. I enjoy writing poems, using sarcasm, and decorating cakes and cookies.

We had to use random objects to make a photo with a form of art. I used rule of thirds which drags on to make a line that distracts the eye. I used these colors because I love blue and it reminds me of the ocean.
From left to right we have composition. This means that it looks appeasing to the human eye due to the position of the objects. The middle one is run off which means that the object(s) run off the screen. I used fake flowers to get this affect. The one to the right is rule of thirds. This means that your eye follows the object from up and down or down to up or diagonally.
Due to my love of writing and my admire for books, my teacher took some books from her dad for me to photographs. I took different angles of the books set up like this directly. They all looked to similar, but this one stood out to me. Using photoshop, I made it the size 7x5 and used the adjusting tools to edit it to make it look my antique like, but add colors of modern day to jazz it up a bit.
For our texture picture, I decided to use shells for my object. I took multiple pictures and different angles with different amount of shells to create a composition to the photograph. Out of all the photos I took, this one came out the best. I say this one came out the best due to how you can see the different textures in detail as well as seeing some smoothness in the shell. I enhanced the photo by using the contrast to really get into seeing the whole shell with all it's textures and the whole way about it.
(Just saying that this looks sick and if you think otherwise, I'll cry.) I did this by cropping out the rest of the black negative space and used magic wand and using a tool to make this. I then edited it by using adjustment tools to change the color of the shells and the background to create the effect.

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