My Utah Symbols By:Cassidy

The elk became the official state animal in 1971. There are a lot in Canada or most of them are in Canada.
IT became the official state Motto in 1959. It was not officially made until 1959.
It was approved in March 18,1911. it became the official state flower after a concuss.
Became the official state fruit in 1997. They have a lot in Utah.
In the sun they create a rainbow. It became the official state fish in 1997.
Became the official state motto in 1959. It was built by Bill No.
Sam and Garry wrote the song in 1996. They started with the song Utah we love thee.
It became the official state Gem in 11969. It is full of diamonds and a lot of other wonderful things.
IT was named the state vestigial in 2002 section Utah state. It was the is the sweetest union.
The quacking aspen was chosen in 2014. There are a lot in the Mountains.
At first all of the people designed there own flag. In 1847 all of the Mormons came.
It was designed in 1988. Some people call it "different lizard" or "strange Reptile".
It was chosen in 1955. They are really called the California eagle because they live there.
It was chosen in 1994. Everybody came to visit the state mineral in 1906.


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