The Monkeys Paw W.wjacobs

Be careful for what you wish for

The authors message in the monkey paw is that you wishes can hurt you

The story "The Monkeys Paw" helped me to realize to always be careful for what I wish for

The first reason it showed me is that your wishes can hurt you. In the story the first man had his three wishes, his last one was for death

The second reason that it showed me that your wishes may come true but at a cause, in the monkey paw the dad wished for $200 ,it. Came true but his son died.

The third reason why it made me be careful about my wishes it can haunt you. In the story monkey paw they had to live with that their son is died because they wish for $200. So the wife made the dad wish the son back he was at the door but the dad wished him dead again because he did not want to see his son in that way.

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