To help you hold meaningful conversations with your students about career paths available to them, we have created this Information Hub which will provide you with information, testimonials, and updates on vocational education and training.

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We’re very excited to launch the 2021 TAFE at School Course Guide! We have more than 60 courses on offer in 2021 across all TAFE campuses. Please click below to download your own PDF version.

Applications for 2021 are now open! The TAFE at School application code is available on the back of the 2021 TAFE at School Course Guide.


We understand the world we live in presently can be ever-changing so we have made our TAFE at School presentations available in a digital format for your use. We are happy to come and see you and your students face to face or virtually. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our team members:

  • Bernadette Wilson - email me or call 0448 940 173 (Brisbane)
  • Carly-Beth Paulden - email me or call 0437 308 740 (Brisbane)
  • Peta Wlodarczyk - email me or call 0427 289 622 (Brisbane)
  • Emily Barrett - email me or call 07 3244 0273 (SkillsTech)
  • Elaine Wallace - email me or call 0428 982 322 (South West)

TAFE at School - Brisbane

This video was edited by Jason Price, Diploma of Screen and Media student, Mt Gravatt campus.

TAFE at School - South West

This video was edited by Torin Platzer, Diploma of Screen and Media student, Mt Gravatt campus.

TAFE at School - SkillsTech

This video was edited by Jason Price and Donna Nelson, Diploma of Screen and Media students, Mt Gravatt campus.


Our TAFE at School teams held four online Tea with TAFE event sessions. If you were unable to join us, please click on the video below to view.


We offer a wide range of have some additional programs in our TAFE at School mix for 2021!

Hear about our school-based apprenticeships in bread baking, cake and pastry, baking, commercial cookery, and more from Richard Webb, Industry Liaison Consultant from our South Bank campus by watching the video below.

This video was edited by David Eade Diploma of Screen and Media student, Mt Gravatt campus.

Students looking to complete a Certificate III qualification can access the VET investment budget under the User Choice program by undertaking a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship (SAT).

Students can develop work-ready skills in a vocation or trade during high school while continuing to study towards their Queensland Certificate of Education (Senior Certificate or equivalent). Becoming a school-based apprentice or trainee allows students to earn money while still in school.

Sneak Peek: CUA30213 Certificate III in Community Dance, Theatre and Events (Acting)

Check out the video below for a behind the scenes tour of our South Bank campus acting studios.

Accelerate Diploma to Degrees Pathways

Our popular Accelerate Diploma programs allow students to kick-start their Diploma goals in years 11 and 12. These partial qualifications allow students to complete a set of units from various Diploma programs. These include:

  • Accelerate to Diploma of Nursing (HLT54115)
  • Accelerate to Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015)
  • Accelerate to Diploma of Information Technology Networking (ICT50418)
  • Accelerate to Diploma of Database Design and Development (ICT50515)
  • Accelerate to Diploma of Information Technology Systems Administration (ICT50318)
  • Accelerate to Diploma of Website Development (ICT50615)

Year 10 Skills Taster

The Skills Taster program is open to Year 10 students considering a career in Cookery or Hairdressing. During the program students complete several individual competencies from our Kitchen Operations and Salon Assistant qualifications, giving them a taste of what a career in these industries might be like. The Skills Taster program is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain some hands-on experience before committing to a full qualification.

For more information on the Skills Taster program, please contact the TAFE at School team.

TAFE Queensland now has over 600 diploma-to-degree pathway options!


Check out the video below from our Pathways Manager, Craig Poole. This presentation provides you with an overview of the pathways program, discuss the selection ranks under the new system for each university, and update you on some exciting new pathway options we have recently secured!

This video was edited by Benjamin Graw, Diploma of Screen and Media student, Mt Gravatt campus.

All you need to know about funding

What is VETiS funding? Do you have payment plans? Do I get a concession discount? How can I tell if I’ve used my VETiS funding? I thought my school was paying for my course? Can I use Cert III Guarantee funding to pay for my Certificate III?

These are just some of the questions that we receive from students, so we’ve called in our resident funding expert, Liz Filipe to help with these questions and more.

This video was edited by Alex Schulstad, Diploma of Screen and Media student, Mt Gravatt campus.

Eligible students may be able to access a range of independent and government funding to help subsidise the cost of training.

VET in Schools (VETiS) funding is a program that enables students to gain nationally-recognised qualifications while still in high school. TAFE Queensland has been approved as a Skills Assure supplier to deliver training and assessment services subsided by the Department of Education, Small Business and Training. VETiS qualifications funded by the VET investment budget are listed on the Priority Skills List.

Students in years 10, 11, and 12 can complete one employment stream qualification at the Certificate I or II level. If you are unsure which TAFE Queensland courses qualify for VETiS funding, keep your eye out for this handy symbol in the 2021 TAFE at School Course Guide.

For more information on VETiS funding, check out;

For more information on subsidised training, scholarships and payment plans, head over to our funding page on our website.

Sam's Story

Sam studied the Certificate III in Screen and Media–Multimedia (CUA31015) while in school and is now studying the Diploma of Screen & Media–Interactive Media (CUA51015). Hear Sam’s story below.

This video was edited by Samuel Bryham, Diploma of Screen and Media student, Mt Gravatt campus.

Ciel's Story

Ciel studied the Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology (MST20616) as a TAFE at School student. She is now studying the Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising (MST50116) and loving it! Hear Ciel’s story below.

This video was edited by Oliver Von Mayenburg, Diploma of Screen and Media student, Mt Gravatt campus.

Students can continue their studies with TAFE Queensland upon completion of Year 12.

TAFE Queensland has a variety of courses available to your international students from entry level certificates through to diplomas, advanced diplomas, and a bachelor degree.

Our international team can be contacted on 07 3244 5100 or email International.Enquiry@tafe.qld.edu.au

TAFE Queensland’s micro-credentials are short, highly targeted courses designed to help you improve a specific skill. Our micro-credentials will help you improve your career prospects, maintain currency in your field, or allow you to try out something completely new.

After completing one of our micro-credential courses you will be issued with a digital badge, which can be verified online, giving anyone you share it with evidence of your capability.

Our isolearn micro-credential range is completely free, delivered 100 per cent online, and are self-directed. Typically, they take an hour or so to complete, but if you like, take your time, or do more than one.

Spend less time organising and more time teaching with TAFE at School online solutions powered by IVET.

TAFE Queensland has partnered with IVET to offer further flexible delivery options for teachers. The relationship allows us to offer a TAFE Queensland branded online portal proposition that enables teachers to have instant access to student progress, course information, digital resources, classroom management, PD logging, compliance and teacher qualification management.

Under this arrangement, TAFE Queensland currently facilitates several Partnerships with Schools across a range of study areas, with the intention to provide more offerings in 2020 and 2021.

This is also a very valuable and beneficial option for a mid-year intake, should students find themselves needing to change academic pathways.

It’s time to recognise the valuable contribution our teacher aides make to the education and support of children across Queensland State schools, by recognising their skills and experience with a qualification.

As part of the Queensland Department of Education’s Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA QED101115), TAFE Queensland is providing the Certificate III in Education Support (CHC30213) through a recognition of prior learning (RPL) process.

Schools will fund the cost of the process under the SOA, so there are no costs to the individual.

TAFE Queensland is a multi-award winning organisation and industry seeks out our graduates. A qualification from TAFE Queensland isn’t just a piece of paper. It represents quality—your hard work, verified by our industry experts.

After a rewarding 20 years of helping children learn, Marina Dunn was assessing her options for career progression when she was given the opportunity as an employee of Education Queensland to undertake formal training online through TAFE Queensland’s RPL process. In just over three weeks, Marina has been able to complete a Certificate III in Education Support (CHC30213) with TAFE Queensland, shaving time off her course by getting credit for her experience through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Read more about Marina’s story here.

Sometimes we can’t compete on price — that’s because the service we offer is robust, and quality. Our assessors are industry experts, and they will review the evidence you have submitted to ensure that it meets standards.

The process is simple - call us on 1300 775 397 or email RPL@tafe.qld.edu.au

*Please note: Teacher Aides (TAs OO2 Paypoint 4) - Only these TAs are eligible for the Department of Education Program.

Why aren’t prices printed in the 2021 guide?

Prices are subject to change at any time and without notice, to ensure the longevity and accuracy of the information in this course guide TAFE Queensland has elected to not include prices. For accurate and up to date prices, please search for the course on tafeqld.edu.au. This year when you order a hard copy of the 2021 TAFE at School Course Guide it will also come with a 2021 TAFE at School pricelist.

Does a student need to include their USI when making an application?

A student must include their USI and their LUI in their pathway application.

Will new students be required to attend an orientation session?

Last year Brisbane Region started hosting TAFE at School orientation sessions for students and they have been very successful.

We received positive feedback that most students enjoyed meeting their teachers, learning about what they will be doing before classes officially start and helped to alleviate any anxiety they were feeling. Parents are always welcome at the orientation sessions, though it’s not compulsory for them to attend. Brisbane Region will continue to plan for orientation sessions for future new students.

Who receives an enrolment offer?

Enrolment offers are sent to the parent/guardian nominated at the application stage.

How does a student apply for a TAFE at School course?

Applications for 2021 are now open! The TAFE at School application code is available on the back of the 2021 TAFE at School Course Guide and here for your reference:

TAFE Queensland Brisbane: TQB2101

TAFE Queensland SkillsTech: TQST2101

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