Pandas By: Rye


What animal eats 20 to 30 pounds of bamboo? If you guessed the panda you are correct. Pandas are like no other bears. Get ready to learn about the panda, the pandas diet and lastly where the panda lives. The panda is a very interesting animal.

Meet the panda

Did you know that pandas are a really interesting animal? The pandas colors are Black and White. The parts of the panda that are black is there ears, eye patches, muzzle, legs, and shoulders and all the rest of the panda's body is white. With these colors it produces camouflage in the snow near by rocky places. Such as, the forest. But, not just any forest a bamboo forest. Which pandas have lived in bamboo forest for millions of years. Also, the pandas lifespan is shorter in the wild then in zoos. Due to this the pandas population is rapidly decreasing. Pandas are endangered due to the fact of hunting. Pandas are a fascinating animal.


Did you know that pandas can eat a lot?! In a matter of fact the panda can eat up to 20-30 pounds of bamboo for up to 16 hours. The pandas diet mostly consists to bamboo. In fact bamboo is 90% of the pandas diet, this plant is 90% water. The panda uses its powerful jaw to get throw the bamboo. The panda usually sits upright. The pandas diet is amazing and

Pandas habitat

The pandas have an amazing habitat. They live in mountain ranges in central China in Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu. Near mountain and bamboo forest. Small areas of China and is along the eastern side of the Tibetan Plateau. The forests that the pandas like are they have to be damp and cold in order for the panda to stay there. When there are in the forest they find there food in there. This is located in some parts of southwest China. The pandas habitat is truly amazing.


In conclusion, pandas are really impressive with how much they eat. In fact pandas can eat 20-30 pounds of bamboo! Clearly, the panda is very heavily built. These amazing pandas are awesome to learn about and where they live! The panda is truly an amazing animal!

Created By
Rye Dirkx


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