Zoie's Photo's asia sumas grade 7 student

My dark picture. This is a lock i found in the hallway i used light to make the light dark and corp it to be smaller then it was before because it was a big photo.But i think this is a great photo for dark.
My light picture.I found this ball on the tree by the office i used a little of light on this not to much of light because it had a lot of light on it before i edited it.
This is my portrait of Abby i took in the library. I used the corp to make her smaller.
My sea mermaid. This is my double exposure i used a pool and a picture of selena gomez and mashed them together.
This is my landscape i took outside the school.I used crop to make it smaller them i used a little bit of light on it just to light it up more.
This is my H2O photo i took of grass with water drops on them.I used crop to make it smaller then it was before.
My choice i took a photo of my black boots in the hallway because it was my choice and i was bored.
My macro photo is a picture of a snowman i found in the hallway and took him and crop him to make him smaller.
My abstract photo is my foot print in the snow it was on one side now its on the other side of the snow.
My dream photo i took of the drama room door in the hallway and crop it to make it a little bit smaller .

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