SociAL MEDIA Impact on Teens - by Khadija Younas and Glenda Nelson


Digital technology impacts each and everyone of us today profoundly. With the speed at which technology is advancing, the culture also needs to adapt to deal with the side effects this entails. The teens of today are experiencing social media related challenges that are unprecedented. This leaves them vulnerable to many challenges. This situation is causing many social and self-esteem challenges to our teens. Our proposal will discuss the specific challenges faced by teens today regarding social media. We will then outline a plan to help mitigate side effects and steps to overcome them.


Teenagers are vulnerable to many things during the adolescent years. As they evolve into young adults, they crave attention and gratification socially. This attention can be positive and boost their self-esteem. However, when it is negative, the impacts can have vast consequences. Social media can have a significant negative impact on teens. How can society address these negative impacts and guide our teens on the path to a successful life? How can we make social media be a positive experience for our youth?

Possible Solution

To address the concerns of the influence of social media on the teens of today, we will explore the following tentative solutions.

  • Be familiar with technology
  • Teach responsible usage
  • Monitor the use of technology
  • Use classroom technology intentionally
  • Offer alternatives to technology


  • Learn how to use the technology wisely
  • Use digital technology in a responsible manner
  • Remember face to face relationships are important too
  • Practice online safety

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