story 1c33 yung yan chi

yesterday morning, while I was still in a deep sleep with my wife , a thief climbed into my house my house from the window that was opened by the wind.The thief walked into my house quietly.

He walked into my bedroom and wanted to steal our money. After a thorough search for about 4 to 5 minutes,he finally found a safety box inside a drawer.

He opened the safety box using his "professional" tools. However, the alarm I setted in the safety box was triggered by the thief. He was shocked by the loud sound of the alarm that he immediately grabbed all of the things in the safety box and wanted to leave. At that moment I was woken by the loud sound of the alarm. I saw the thief, I stared at him and immediately woke my wife. My wife screamed when she saw the him. The thief escaped the room immediately and I chased him.

Just as the thief was about to leave, he was tripped by a black object and he fell on the floor. Oh! it was a little kitten I had rescued last week. The black little kitten was abusing at the park near my house last week by three mischievous boys behind the tree. I saw that when I was walking past the park towards my house. I stopped the three little boys and the kitten immediately stayed beside my feet. The kitten was with a black fur. It is skinny and cute as it had two big eyes.

The thief was injured when he fell on floor .My wife wanted to call the police to arrest him .The thief begged her not to do this.He said "please ,please don't call the police .I was so poor .I was a rich man before but ,but a man stole my money one night when I was sleeping in my big house .My wife left me and the next day I was fired by my boss because of my bad behaviour that affected by my anger.Then, I had to sold my big house in exchange for some money to make a big business .i thought I could success at first.however, I failed as I fell into a business trap .then, I started to be a homeless person.i had starven for about a month already.therefore, I had being cornered into stealing money to buy food .'

my wife and I was touched by his poor story.I decided to give him some money and food to eat .he thanked me profusely and left quickly.

at last, I kept the kitten as my pet to thank for it's help at the emergency moment .i hoped the poor thief will use my money wisely and didn't have to starve again and make some business to earn money..


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