Advert Analysis-Isabella kean Unit 6 investigating visual production and unit 7 investigating media production and technology

I decided to research into an interactive music video called The Missing by Cassius featuring Ryan Tedder. He isnt the only one to appear on the album Pharrell Williams, cat Power and Beastie Boy's, Mike D also all appear on some of the tracks. According to Rolling stone, a website that is for media news and info on new and up coming acts.

Pharrell Williams is known for being out there and maybe slightly raunchy.

Because the videos enable you to change characters, it make it more relatable for the audience to watch, because of this Pharrell shows he is a very adaptable and embraces the new things going on around him.

Pharrell Williams appeals to a large audiances as many of his songs have been in the charts making his name promote the video so a large amout of his fans will listen to this album. because of his wide audience of over 8 million, many people will have seen The Missing. Pharrell's open mindedness and positive outlook on life is portraid in all of his songs, for example Happy, Get Lucky and Freedom. the song Freedom is a very impowering song which makes the listener enlightened and proud of where they are from.

The target market for the music video The Missing

Pharrel Williams - Freedom

Another way Pharrell shows his creative and vibrant personaltiy is with his shoe line with Adidas. the large range of colours will appeal to a large range of audiences which again promotes his openess and adaptability.

The target audiance of the missing would have to be open minded and unpredudiced as the whole video is people kissing openly in the street and in a dinner. This content may be affensive to some people. For example Many religious groups are against homosexual relationships. Kissing in public may upset people as they are openly showing there effection.

The target audiance would be in my eyes 15-45 as the kissing may not be suitiable for younger audiance. Also thier perants may not want them to see it. This is quite a wide audiance however i think the video could appeal to an older audiance as the mise-en-scene has an 80s stylistic theme through out. From costume to the colouring and lighting. The lycra purple suit the girl is wearing below is a commanly found in the 80s. the 80s were a time of expressing yourself and believing in who you are. sycadelic new romantic

The 80s was a revelutanary time for homosexuals. Men were wearing make up and this was very new and never seen before so people started to express them selves freely. For example Boy George who had a androgynos appearance. he was paert of the new romantic movmnwt which was a pop culture movement wich developed aound the 80s. A flamboiint and ecentric styles emerged. homosexuality was not the "norm" and wasnt accepted by law and otherwise making people hide there sexuality. so this era for new romance was about freedom, it was a revelutionany and expressive era.

punks late 70s-80

punks was about rebeling showing the world annocy totally against political laws. the clash form example fuck the queen.

(boy george /gay make up freedom men wearing make up david b garry newman electronic music.

The mise-en-scene of the music video is neon and 80s theme through out. This will attract and indie audiance which is increasingly popular. This tends to be a younger crowd. i think the target audiance is 15-45 as the 80s theme may attract an older audiance aswell. However the fact that it is interactive it would appeal primerilly to a younger generation. The colours and set reminds me of a video game such as GTA. the crashed helicopter especially remids me of this. The image on the right is from the video game which reflects very similar colours (something about dusk maybe? low level lighting. both night time. use of street lights?) to the music video on the right.

(bold but simple. out there - the blue is a significant colour and features in many different places which draws your eye to different points in the photo. the crashed helecopter contrasts with the uniform of the people. worn down building compaired to the idea palm trees give of paradise. green light says go but the helicopter has crashed?. the missing - they all look similar so maybe its about loosing yourself or blending into a crowd)

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