Pulgas Ridge Redwood city, CA

366 acres...

An open space preserve in Redwood City, but only parts of it are off-leash for us furry guys.

The signs tell you when...

The off leash area is 17.5 acres. You can either stick to the paved trail (Hassler loop), or just wander around the middle which has a bunch of random paths and is all low brush/dirt.

I'm ready! Let's go!

Mom likes to take me to the off leash area first so I get tired, and then we either hike or run the Polly Geraci trail. From start to finish it's exactly 3 miles (it's about a half mile just to get to the off leash area from the parking lot).

One you enter the on leash area the trails are soft packed dirt with lots of switchbacks. The trails can also get narrow, so if you're fur parents to nervous pups, just be aware!

There's lots of elevation here, so you're going to have to go uphill no matter where you start from, but that's part of the fun!

So funny story about why Mom won't bring me here during the summer anymore...

In June there are goats to naturally "mow" some of the landscape. I can't control myself around large 4-legged animals and get super excited. My fur parents were still willing to take me off leash once we reached the fence, but I immediately ran downhill through the forest back to the goats looking for some goat friends.

🐐 😳

It all ended ok, but June seems to be full of surprises...

It's very hot and dry in the summer so there are lots of geckos, which I also like to chase, and SNAKES! It's also important why you stay on leash when you're told to because the grass gets very high and you can't see them, even if they're friendly.

Mom also insists on wearing long pants here no matter how hot it is because the plants are so overgrown and there are tons of prickly things.

I don't feel them since I'm fluffy.

That's just one leg!
The end...or the start?

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is parking (lots and street side)
  • Yes & No, this is both an off leash and on leash park
  • No, this is not a fenced enclosure
  • No, there are no doggy (or human) water fountains
  • No, there are no poop bags
  • No, there are no trash bins
  • No, there are no benches
  • Yes, there are toilets (by the parking lot)

🐾 Caesar

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