Hospital systems By Noyonika🌸

These are some hospitals in India

What is a hospital ?

A hospital is a place where you go when you have a health problem and you go there to get medical treatment or tips & medicine to heal the health problem you have.

Why do we need a hospital?

We need a hospital because when you have a problem in your body then you need medical treatment or tips for you to heal.

Physical therapist

A physical therapist is a person in the hospital who teaches patients exercises needed to build strength in weak muscles.


The subsystems in hospital system are...

liver transplant surgery, Anastasia system , Nursery system , Endoscophe system, Lab information system and many more.

Factors affecting Hospital system

-Lack of trained peaple, lack of skills, wrong medicine on wrong time.

Did you know that in 7 seconds if an operation is not done then the person will die.

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