At 6 am we were in the airport waiting for our flight to Hamburg. We were too excited because we knew we would have an unforgettable week coming up! The Portuguese Team was ready for this adventure!

The flight was calm and at 11 am we were in Hamburg. Then we took a train from the airport to Blankenese, our partners region. We were excited and in the train we had the chance to take our first pictures of Germany!

The host families were waiting the Portuguese students in order to bring them home!

On the first day, students had a dinner together in which they had the chance to introduce themselves to the German students that were hosting them. At the same time, teachers went to Hamburg in the afternoon and visited the city. After it, teachers had dinner all together. And this was a long day for all of us!

We woke up at 6 am in the morning. We had to adapt ourselves to the German timetable! The day started at Marion Dönhoff Gymnasium with a meeting with the German coordinators and all the other partners of the Europia Project.

In the auditorium the Portuguese students and the Romanian students presented their countries.

Fortunately, Henrique Lino, a Portuguese student, won the logo competition and we are really proud of him!

Then we had a theater workshop all together where we had time to relax and reflect on our lives!

Students stayed in Hamburg to have a walk there and teachers too.

We had lunch in school and then while the teachers were in a meeting, students had free time. The Portuguese students had the opportunity to visit a theater in Hamburg. It was an incredible experience because we made a guide visit inside the theater, for example we visited the places where the scenarios are done.

In the evening, we had a dinner together in school with teachers, parents and students. It was a wonderful idea to spend a moment with all the people that have been contributing to the Europia project.

On Wednesday took place the Erasmus Day! In school we had a lot of workshops to take part and on this day we did a lot of activities that gave us the opportunity to make new friends from other countries.

At ten o'clock we went to the auditorium and some groups presented what they had being doing in the workshops in order to share with all the members!

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