VYNL Gift Guide Ho Ho Ho.

Yes. We know. It’s that time of year again. Gift giving time. Keeping it real, this is our favorite time of year. Not so much because we love the “getting” part, but the “giving” part - that we get a kick out of. Who doesn’t love spreading the cheer and the love of all things bike?

We know there are a ton of options out there. Literally. So we thought we would add in our two cents on some of our favorites. Some you may have heard of, some may be new, but we guarantee all are worth it.

Hifi wheels

Reality is, a bike is nothing without a good set of hoops. From our days working in shops, we know the best upgrade you can do for your bike is a wheels upgrade. Our pick? HiFi Wheels. They’ve got clinchers, tubulars, disc compatible – chances are if it rolls, they do it. Oh, and they’re MUSA and just rad folks all around. Their Mix Tape Aluminum Clinchers, shown above, are the perfect all around race/ride/train wheels for year round fun times.

Rothera cycling caps

A cool cycling cap is the cherry on top of any #kitgame. Plus, you can wear them easily around in your city clothes for a chill vibe and still feel like you’re representing the bike side of things. Rothera Cycling based in Austin, TX has one-of-a-kind, MUSA creations that will last for years and show off a unique sense of style. After all. #capsnothats. The All I Want For Christmas Are Starships cap, for example, combines Star Wars and cycling caps for $30.00. People. Need I say more?

cadence collection

We know that the choice of kit is highly subjective, so we aren’t going to go telling you that one is “better” than the other. But what we will say is Dustin Klein and the good folks at Cadence continually push both stylistic and functional design. Every. Single. Time. Case in point? Their new Reel Camo Long Sleeve Jersey. Taking a tried/true piece, they put their collective heads together and decided to make an already great fall/winter jersey even better, putting their innovative design mojo into full gear.

High Note Coffee

We’re going to bet that this may be a New to You entry on the list. Good coffee almost always equals a good ride, and if you’re starting from home base, you need some good beans. High Note Coffee has a long history of growing, roasting, and brewing coffee, with umpteen generations of coffee farmers in Honduras doing what they’ve done and continually taking it to the next level. The owner, Oscar Nuñez lives in Woodside, CA, and constantly travels back home to make sure things are running smoothly - and to just keep it all in the family. Head over to their website ASAP and order you some of the best coffee you’ve ever had in your life. Trust us.

the athletic

The Athletic pretty much wrote the book on Sock Game, and every cyclist should have at least one pair of their amazing socks in their arsenal. Our pick? They just redesigned their toasty Elevation Wool Socks collection, and you can bet you'll find a pair or two under our Hanukah Bush. They come in six different colors at a cool $20.00 a pair, so go ahead and buy a few different combinations. Not to be a one hit wonder, The Athletic also does a primo job in apparel, running ware, publications, and basically all things cool.

mettle cycling

On the bike photography has become a major part of the experience. Being able to capture your ride is almost (almost) as much fun as the ride itself. But how do you keep that point and shoot safely in place while still being able to grab it when the right moment strikes? Mettle Cycling has you covered with their Speed Strap. It keeps your camera safely in place behind you while you're riding, and provides easy access at the opportune time. $78.00 a piece and made to order.

road runner bags

Want to get out on an adventure? You’re going to need a good set of bags to get you there. MUSA Road Runner Bags produces everything in sunny LA to the highest standards. They just opened up their pop up location down there, but if you’re not local, we recommend their Burrito Supreme Handlebar Bag. Coming in at $65.00, it’s large enough for a change of clothes, some flip flops, and of course, your wallet to buy that much needed real burrito at the adventure’s end.

bell Zephyr

Protect your noggin. It's that simple. But let's face it, it's never that simple. You need a helmet that's going to protect you, keep you cool, and keep you looking cool. Bell has your back, and your head. Their new Zephyr comes in an array of wicked colors to matchey match to your heart's content, or go stealth in classic black, white, and grey. Oh, and it weighs 280 grams and costs $230. Nuff said.

Be charitable

Sometimes, stuff is the last thing people need. Especially in this current climate, if you want to give the gift of charity, there are a ton of amazing cycling non profits that do amazing work. Here are three of our favorites, and direct links to donate.


Last but not least, why not give someone the ultimate gift of a bike? After all, it’s the gift that’s sure to keep on giving.

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