世界形势彻底转向—反共 【中英对照翻译】

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Pompeo Says ‘The Tide Is Absolutely Turning’ Against China


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday declared that the “tide is absolutely turning” against China.

国务卿迈克·彭培奥(Mike Pompeo)周三宣布,“形势绝对在转向”反对中共国。

Since his last State Department press briefing, Pompeo said, the world has witnessed more examples of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s efforts to coerce and control its citizens, and that other nations and the U.S. have put out “a number of statements”:


We see it in Hong Kong, where authorities have delayed legislative elections, arrested pro-democracy activists, issued warrants for freedom-loving foreigners, including an American. We see the CCP’s continuing ambition to control Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. And I commend the Treasury Department for using its Global Magnitsky authorities against human-rights violators there just this past week. And we see, too, the CCP’s lawlessness elsewhere in the world. I issued a statement on Sunday about the Chinese-flagged vessels’ predatory fishing practices around the Galapagos Islands, which has alarmed our friends in Ecuador.

我们看到在香港,当局推迟了立法选举,逮捕了民主运动人士,向包括一名美国人在内的热爱自由的外国人发出了逮捕令。我们看到,中共正野心勃勃地继续控制新疆的少数民族。我赞扬财政部(Treasury Department) 在刚刚过去的一周,利用《全球马格尼茨基人权法案》( Global Magnitsky )对那里的侵犯人权者进行了制裁。我们也看到了中共在世界其它地方无法无天。 我上周日发表了一份声明,关于在加拉帕戈斯群岛(Galapagos Islands)附近悬挂中共国国旗船只的掠夺性捕鱼活动,这使我们在厄瓜多尔的朋友感到震惊。

He added, “Look, these aren’t one-offs. As I said at the Nixon Library this month, freedom-loving nations must come together to confront the CCP’s aggressive behavior. And the good news is the tide is absolutely turning.”

他补充说:“看,这些不是一次性的。 正如我本月在尼克松图书馆所说的那样,热爱自由的国家必须团结起来,对抗中共的侵略行为。 好消息是形势正在彻底转向。”(反对中共国)

“The central idea of distrust and then verify, I think the world is coming to see as the right approach to responding to these challenges. And we are working in this administration, the Trump administration, hard to protect Americans from those threats,” he said.

“不信任然后验证的中心思想,我认为世界正逐渐将其视为应对这些挑战的正确方法。 我们正在本届政府,也就是川普政府中努力工作,保护美国人免受这些威胁。”他说。

Recently, the United Kingdom joined the U.S. in banning equipment from Chinese telecommunications company Huawei from its 5G networks, and stripping out all existing equipment by 2027.


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