Between a rock and a hard place Abdurashid Umarov

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Summery: The book Between a Rock and a Hard place is a story of courage and perseverance. The main character Aron Ralston is a experienced adventurer. One day he goes on a extraordinary expedition down through Blue John Canyon. Aron only packs a limited amount of supplies, and he plans to traverse several miles in 24 hours. During one of Aron's descents down the canyon, a rock gave out and he fell. The rock ended up crushing Aron's arm. Now Aron is trapped with a hard choice to make. Should he amputate his arm or wait for help.
Other Characters: Along the way, Aron meets two women. Their names were Meghan and Kristi. Like Aron, Meghan and Kristi love to explore new lands. Meghan and Kristi were minor characters that didn't appear in the book for too long.
Setting: The story takes place in blue John Canyon, Utah. Utah is very desert like region, so at the morning when the sun is up its very very hot. But at night the temperature can drop below freezing. The intense heat caused Aron to have hyperthermia, and start hallucinating.
Conflict: In the book, Aron has to make a life or death decision. On his expedition, a rock crushes Aron's hand entrapping him inside the canyon. Aron has to choose to amputate his arm or wait for help. Both of the choices are risky, because both could lead to death.
Authors Style: Through out the book Aron Ralston uses many different style techniques. Such as using complicated vocabulary to describe intense situations, and to challenge the reader. Also through out the book the chapters alternate between flashbacks of Aron's previous adventures to the main story line of the book. Another style technique that Aron uses often is using highly descriptive words to establish a base mood for the chapter.

Vocabulary: Ennui- Bored Futile- no result Tourniquet- bandage to stop blood flow masochism- sexual pleasure from pain exasperated- greatly annoyed morose-ill humor

Connections: In the book Aron has to sacrifice a lot in order to survive. I never had to make a life or death decision, but I had to sacrifice a lot for the greater good. For example this year, my transition year from junior high to high school. I had to give up sports in order to peruse my education.

Rating: The book over all gets a 3/5, because the book is not meant for everybody. The book is good, and it teaches the reader a lot of good and valuable life lessons, but when the wrong type of reader reads the book they might look over the good, and focus on the bad.

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Abdurashid Umarov


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