Aimia Loyalty Solutions has been merged into Kognitiv to form a new global force of loyalty leaders, technologists, asset managers and business savvy entrepreneurs. Together, we can amplify loyalty by delivering more relevant and more valuable benefits than any other company in the sector.

Masses Of Value Is Being Wasted

Billions of dollars of real value is being lost every single day. Kognitiv is helping businesses all over the world to plug those losses. Our advisors, our processes and our technology unearths lost value and uses it to drive loyalty and revenue. No other strategic partner can do what we do.

A Smarter Way To Win

While lower prices can drive sales, successful brands need to protect margins. Kognitiv’s model avoids poisoning a brand premium by discounting. Instead, we enable the delta in value between retail and sale price (Loyalty Capital™) to be invested in building a brand's reputation and driving incremental revenues.

Spread Your Wings TO Unleash New Superpowers

If a loyalty program can only be redeemed against your own brand inventory, it’s really a cash back offer in disguise. Loyalty Capital empowers brands to collaborate peer-to-peer so they can break into new markets, win new customers and create more effective programs together.

Liberate Loyalty And See It Grow

Imagine if loyalty points could be freed up and made to work harder for members. By unearthing value and removing friction, Loyalty Capital can create a totally unique landscape for loyalty. Liberated points accrue disproportionate value and find their true purpose. Sowing the seeds of future business growth.

EVERY Experience SHAPEs Loyalty

The Kognitiv SmartJourney® examines experiences from key engagement points to classify, quantify and predict customer behaviour. Armed with these powerful insights, brands can improve the timeliness and relevancy of the benefits they offer.

Mutual Success Is Our Reward

It’s easy to talk about benefits and rewards but unless a loyalty program gets used, it won’t drive business or deliver any significant value. Kognitiv’s promise is different. We prefer to link our income to the pre-agreed metrics and business goals set with our clients.

Making Points More Worthwhile

Loyalty points often sit gathering dust. Customers often can’t spend them in a meaningful way. Loyalty Capital can generate unmatchable benefits to excite, motivate and engage your dozing members. Points take on new significance, letting a re-invigorated program take off.

Bring New Energy To Lost Value

By sharing under-utilized assets with fresh audiences, there are boundless opportunities to attract and reward customers with powerful offers and promotions. As momentum grows, Loyalty Capital will become the natural currency for commission-free distribution.


Social sharing can be a powerful marketing tool but it’s always best driven by the exceptional not the normal. Offering a few hard-to-redeem points is not a story. Hooking together multiple loyalty programs to deliver a life changing experience most certainly is.

Add Zero Party Data AND Start Melding

Creative use of rich data is crucial to the personalization and relevance of loyalty benefits. We have the power to deliver fresh, zero party data meaning audiences are much more active and engaged. And by merging anonymized data from our Member Brands™, it’s much easier to predict requirements, behavior and desire.

Dreams Are Opportunities Waiting To Be Realised

Loyalty Capital transactions between Member Brands generate rich behavioral data. As your trading universe expands, customer’s desires and future intentions are revealed - helping Member Brands use Loyalty Capital to make dreams come true. Even yours.

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