Visual Book report Lendell James II

Fear is a novel written by R. L. Stine which twists and turns a teenagers everyday life and experiences into a scary reality. This book includes 13 stories which bring fears you never knew you had to the surface.

One of these stories was called "Suckers". This story started with a girl about our age in high school that was looking for a little extra money. She did a little promoting to let those in the area know she was a great babysitter. She got a call one day for a gig and the lady did call a little last minute but what did it matter to her. She drove to the home, which was a home past a swampy , forest like area. The lady told the girl she was so thankful she could make it such last minute but no-one likes to babysit her son anymore and then she left. The girl just hung out in the living room until the boy yelled from out of his room. The girl ran in there to comfort him, because he said he saw monsters. Little did she know , those monsters were called suckers and they were very real. they were so real that she would've wished she was dreaming.

Shall we continue ? You said yes? Ok , lets go

This next story is called " Welcome To The Club ". Imagine being a kid who moves from school to school and has a hard time making friends. Now , Imagine a group of " Cool kids" walking into the diner you work at one day and you can get in good with them by just giving them a few cokes for free. Well thats exactly what JJ did in this story. They group of kids took a liking to him after that but if he wanted to hang with them and be a part of "the Killers" , which was their group name , he had to kill a man. He had to kill man or a woman long as somebody died. He wasn't the type of person to do such a thing and little did he know it was only a joke. Some kind of way he got a plan together with one of the members to trick the tricksters. This was all funny at the end when everyone got their laugh in. Well, that was until JJ's boss was found dead that same night. Oops

Another one? Sure why not !

"She's Different Tonight".. In this story we explore your normal high school drama, but this time the guy every girl wants really is a vampire. There was a big Halloween party going on and everyone showed up, and so did Vince the jock. Yes i said Vince the jock. He was a vampire and tonight he was looking for the perfect girl. Well he found her but she was totally different form the girl he had seen at school. The cute , shy girl he had always seen a school was all dressed up in black leather clothing with fake fangs on. He ended up talking to her and they had a liking towards each other. He told her she's different tonight and he likes it. They end up going to his car and kiss and what not, and with all that neck open how could he not bite her.. Ooo thats right, because she bit him first.. I guess you could say she beat him to the bite...

This next one is the scariest!!

"Tuition" Im not good with breaking into safes and things but Marlon is. Marlon is the main character in this story. He is a thief trained by his dad mainly and he's getting ready to head off to college. He got accepted to Yale, can you believe that? Well his dad's friend can't but never mind that. Marlins on a job with his dad's friend and his mom is constantly calling him. " Pick up your brother fro school " , typical mothers right. Well, thats what Marlon thought, but he had so much on his mind he couldn't think straight. His dad told him all this money in the safe would be enough to cover his tuition so this was a priority. Never mind the fact that today was his 17th birthday, he had to get the money. The safe opened but it was just a folder inside. Out of nowhere his family bursts into the room and screams happy birthday. They hadn't forgot at all ad he was so happy. Next thing you know, police run in and everyone is on the ground.. The police open the folder and read " Yale tuition paid for four full years" , then they grab Marlon's wallet and what do you know.. Its his birthday and its twelve on the dot. That had to hurt..

The End?

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