A picture of Halsey with the background of her badlands album photo

Halsey started writing songs when she was only 17 years old. Halsey wasn't always happy go lucky she also had challenges she had to overcome. For example Halsey had a rough time when she only had $9 in her bank account but she had to use it so she could stay awake. She had to stay awake because it wouldn't be safe to sleep on the streets. Also when she was 17 years old she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Halsey had a miscarriage because she had to perform on stage which caused her lots of stress. She still overcame these challenges and kept her position as a singer.

Halsey had a lot of success in a little time with her popularity. For example when Halsey recorded her song “Ghost” she recorded it in someone's basement. They had a microphone and recording studio so she recorded the song and put it onto the app Soundcloud. (Soundcloud is an app where anyone can listen to your music) Later that night she already got contacted by famous recorders for popular artist and the song blew up. Halsey’s three most popular songs are “Gasoline”, “Colors” and “Ghost”. She also had many more successful songs too.

Halsey had many accomplishments and inspires a lot of people. Halsey has said before that she is most inspired by cinema and because of her surgery she also inspires many people. She also had many great accomplishments like releasing her albums Badlands and Room 93. Halsey was also nominated for 2015 MTV Europe music award for artist on the rise. Not only that but she was nonminated for people's choice awards favorite breakout artist. She was featured in interviews, performances and the last call with Carson Daly to promote herself and her music.

Extra facts
  • Her real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane
  • Her birthday is September 29, 1994
  • Did not come from a rich family
  • She is 22 years old
  • She has her own website
  • Her actual name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane
  • She had surgery on her endometriosis and inspired many girls that had to have the same surgery

Quote from her song

Badlands album photo

Room 93 album photo

Quote from one of her songs

Quote from her song Castle

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