Learning Journal

Main Idea Three fictional students in my room --

Student 1 below grade level--he not read passage, does not understand what to do. Student 2 Hard to keep focused does not understand what they read. When they read. Student 3 grade level and above --will not read unless they read aloud. Will not read unless they think it is a grade.

If students are allow to pick what to do such as a choice board, Maybe students can read the story to be record on the computer.. Maybe students could make a video, utube or power point to be part of their learning. All stories have have the same start. Answer the questions to find the main ideas of all stories by following the questions.

We used Tinkercad to create a model or charter to help with the story. I did a key chain --the key to the main idea. We could use something marked as main idea or supporting details.

We did the lighting lab to connect to the digital sphereo to find the main idea. We played/practiced using the app to learn how to use the sphereo to move so we could of found the cards on the floor to actually find the main idea or the supporting details.

Assessment Graphic organizers on main idea


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