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Marketing is very much an idea based field that requires lots of social skills as well as creativity.
The Career Cluster of Marketing, includes managing, planning, and performing marketing activities to achieve organizational objectives. Learners need a solid background in communication, math and technical skills. Employment opportunities for retail salespeople are expected to be nice job outlooks.
The world of Marketing is one of the many Career Clusters that employs over 16 million people in today's statistics.

Marketing Based Careers

Website Designer- Website designers plan the look of, and develop and maintain websites.

Art Director- Art directors are responsible for the overall “look” of films, TV shows, stage shows, magazines, newspapers, ads, and multimedia products.

Agent- Agents represent the professional and financial interests of their clients, including athletes, models, actors, and writers.

Marketing Supervisor- Marketing specialists develop plans and strategies to help companies improve the sales of their products or services.

Appraiser-Appraisers estimate the value of different kinds of property, such as jewelry, houses, and machinery.

Classes Needed To Pursue Marketing

900113 Business Essentials (9,10,11,12) -This is a core course designed to give students an over-view of the business, marketing and finance career cluster occupations.

909423 Economics (12)- Economics is a course that places a major emphasis on the basic economics concepts of a free enterprise economy.

900161 Marketing (10,11,12)-This course is open to those who have declared occupational objectives in the sales and marketing field for goods and services.

909113 Psychology (11,12)-This course studies the fascinating subject of human behavior.

Top 3 Marketing colleges

Bentley University

Location: Waltham, MA

Acceptance Rate: 42%

Mascot: Flex the Falcon

Bryant University

Location: Smithfield, RI

Acceptance Rate: 72%

Mascot: Tupper the Bulldog

University of Pennsilvania

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Acceptance Rate: 9.4%

Mascot: Quaker

Marketing uses lots of skills such as persuading, along with being social and a overall people person. If one of these skills sounds like you, I suggest you to look in to Marketing or maybe even Communications. Who knows, you might be more interested than you think.


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