Bernard Campbell Middle School By: Serena Springer

Take a look at our amazing Principal and assistant principals!!

Welcome incoming 7th graders!! You will love Bcms, its a bumpy ride but you'll survive. I remember being a nervous train wreck on the first day of school. But one thing that really helped was my webleaders. They helped us get to our classes and helped us meet new people. Middle school isnt like it is in the movies; kids don't get pushed into lockers and people don't start food fights. In the beginning its a little hard, but you'll end up loving 7th and 8th grade!! Now lets see some fun pictures of Bcms!!!

Mrs.Lilly's Art class

Mrs.Holdmeyer's Music class

Boys&Girls PE

Mrs.pond -7th&8th grade Girls PE

Mrs.Zimmermon-7th&8th grade Girls PE

Mr.Donavon-7th&8th grade Boys PE

Mr.Johnson's band class

Mustang sign on the second staircase

BCMS colab lab

Lunch room for 7th&8th graders

BCMS Kitchen

25 years of trophies!!

Dont end up here with Mrs.Wright!

Stad (Student administration)

Industral Tech

Mr.Stone-7th&8th grade

Mr.Bukner-7th&8th grade

BCMS library

BCMS facs class (cooking,sewing,family)

Weight room

BCMS halls

BCMS art design!

Now you've seen some parts of bcms, there are many other exciting rooms to explore. Dont be afraid of getting lost, you'll find your way around! Enjoy 7th grade and 8th grade and good luck!

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