National Windmill Day by Zoey Gonzalez

The Netherlands have no religion no catholic no Christianity and no athest
It is Celebrated on every second Saturday and Sunday of the mouth of may every year
It is Celebrated to admire the beauty of old windmills
on National windmill day the sails are unfurled so the wheels are not going on the windmill
on National Windmill day they kinda dress like pilgrims
National windmill day is celebrated to have people look at special/ well windmills for free
National windmill day is suppose to celebrated the old and still working windmills even today the windmills may still work
these windmills were what the old old windmills looked liked
these are what 2016 windmills look like now and there is not a really special type of food that they have during national windmill day.

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Created By
Zoey Gonzalez


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